A Hard Run…not feeling positive, maybe

It was fine…..head isn’t feelin the best (is that the concussion still reminding me that it’s still there, or something else?

But I did this…..just over 13K…the goal was 14, so that’s fine….as I seem to do a lot, forgot to press the start on the good old Garmin until about 1.1K into the run….and the pace, yep, 6:38 per K!

I threw in a hill, a bit of a climb that I hate doing on my bike, running isn’t any easier…a 65 elevation gain, so, um, okay…..

Just moving the leg is good….sweat like crazy, nothing was dry when I was done…thank goodness for the body glide!……it doesn’t look like the air is filled with forest fire smoke, but there is some, and I think that has become an issue…..it’s never bothered me before, but maybe it’s a combo of heat and smoke….I finished with that scratchy throat and a heavy set of lungs…..

I need to finish off the week well….follow the schedule (6K Wednesday, 6 hill repeats Thursday, Bike, swim, and maybe run Friday…16K Sunday?…we’ll see)……

As always I’m still playing around with the training schedule, the goal is to figure out how to just run every second day, never consecutive, so a 10 day training routine would be perfect, but every training on this planet is based on 7 days…long runs are always Sundays, hills/speed Wednesday…so, the effort will continue, I just have to make sure to rest, recover, watch that nutrition and hydration….but yep, recover, and get rid of that lactic acid…

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