if I live to a hundred?

I turn 65 in 184 days.

If I live until 100, that’s only 35 years away.

35 years. 12775 days.

That’s not a lot of days, not a lot of time.

Thirty Five years……that’s not a lot of time.

What the hell can I do in 35 years, what should I or need to do in 35 years?

35 years……just 35 years?

Heck, I’ve been married for 36 years, worked for 35 years, been retired for almost a decade.

35 years is not a long time.

How do I make the most of those almost 13,000 days?

Can I… I guess, make every day count? Not waste a day?

35 years?…….what do I need to do, what can I do? Should?

If I was 35, easy, I’d have all the time in the world…..but at almost 65, patience?

One day at a time?

I’m not the only one on the planet counting down the days…..but, do I even have time to think about those 35 days?

What’s the world going to be like in 35 years…?

65 years didn’t seem that long to work through…yes, a lot of history, I could write a book…..so maybe, 35 years, can I stop wasting time?……..one day at a time?

Or do I just keep on, keeping on..and hope for the best, and just do the best I can…..?

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