A morning work at a race..sooo tired!

Another early morning….there’s got to be a secret, I tried early to bed, but that didn’t help when the alarm went off this morning…..and honestly, I was awake a little before it went off, hoping for one more minute…

The Mizuno Midsummer 5K, and a great race. This is the one the speed kids come out for, and loved it.

My job is really just setting up the start/finish line, watching, cheering, and then tearing everything down….it’s a little more then that, but inspirational and motivational….and soooo faaasssstttt….wow.

HOT, but fun……

I love doing this thing…..it’s one more thing…the virtual clinics, the weekly run club runs, and now working events….my life as a runner, and a runner doing what else I do…just talk about running all the time, and taking part any way I can.

The tough part is the early mornings, but whatever….I’m home in time for lunch, and I can kick back and watch the rebroadcast of today’s Tour de France stage 8, drink, hydrate..and plan next week….and yep, do the laundry.

I had planned a run today…but, time for a lot of napping

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