Junk Miles?

That’s the term isn’t it?

One of my fav physiotherapist and friend brings this up a lot, ‘don’t run junk miles!”

I usually bite my lip, I don’t believe that there is such a thing, though it’s a term that’s thrown around a lot.

I don’t think junk miles is the issue….I know the worry is that excessive mileage presents a danger: injuries…overuse injuries……but I think the issue is rest and recover…if you don’t do those things, that’s that danger zone….if you can rest (that means SLEEP) and can recover with proper nutrition, than you can run as much as your heart desires to……

Yes, hill repeats, speed work, and distance…but sometimes you just want to run for fun right?

Today was one of those days…..did I need to run today? not really. But a beautiful day, I need consistancy, follow make that commitment, and a run always does me, my body, and my head a lot of good, so why not?

and hey, I got to race a train.

Wasn’t far, almost 6K, made the route up as I went along…….all my yard and house work was done, I didn’t have anything else to do, no where else to go….so why not just run?

The runs still haven’t been awesome or great, but then, well, afterwards, yep. I felt a whole lot better.

I keep thinking, the more I do, the better this feels….maybe if I keep at it, instead of being almost 65, I’ll magicall turn 50, and a 5:30 pace will be possible….but, well, unless I find the Wizard of Oz, and he can make my dreams come true…..

Oh well….a guy can dream…..

I cannot believe how tired I am and have been, and the dizzy maybe almost fainting spells..I’m guessing at some point I need to visit an MD and figure this out….I know I have a high amount of iron in my system, is that it…..allergies? My chest has felt a little stuffed up, so maybe that’s it……

Or maybe if I just keep training, harder, and that’ll fix everything?…I can hope

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