Race Director Warren?

yet another turn, another challenge?

I noticed, noted, no fun runs or races in my city of St Albert this fall, in October, so, why not?

How hard could it be?

Okay, looks like a lot of work, but again why not?

I’ve got a charity to raise funs for

I’ve a route mapped up. 5K, for that want 10K, two loops.

Now, I need sponsors…….someone to help with expenses right?…..T-shirts, post run food and coffee…

I’ve a date, October 29th..yeah, I know, the weekend before Halloween, and the New York City Marathon….

I’ve got to decide whether or not to make it a timing chipped race, or just a fun run…..

Volunteers, and HELP!!!!

This may screw up my half marathon plans, fall and summer race plans, but oh well…..time to just jump in with both feet and hope for the best

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