Should I stay or should I just go?

Okay, so my idea of heaven….the West Coast, Vancouver, mountains, ocean, lots of green….relaxed, great restaurants….and haven’t been for almost two years.

Yes, some people dream of Hawaii, Mexico, Europe, Florida, Key West, whatever, me, Vancouver….

I was going to go run a half marathon in May, but a sick aging father in hospital…I had to bail…..

Now I’m thinking, my life is stressed and busy….busier then it should be, clinics, run club, events, and Run LoSeCa Run……

51 days to go to race day…..still a little stressed, a lot stressed, but…well, there’s really nothing I can do until closer to the event….just kick back, watch people register and donate to the cause, and maybe promote as much as I can….but that’s it….the current clinics are done near the end of October, and after October, not much in the way of events…, why not go to Vancouver in November?

Well, it could be cold, rainy, snow?..and is it worth the money to go, or should I save up and go in the spring?

I’ve got a bunch of $$$$ in my flight account with the West Jet Airline…so have to spend that at some point…..but, well, accomidations would be over $1,000, even an Air B&B, so maybe wait?……maybe, but maybe, I’ll just think about it for the weekend…..just to get away, and run through Stanley Park, would it be worth it?

Better would be to win a million or two dollars and MOVE!

And British Columbia is more my speed….I hate Edmonton, Alberta…the right wing red neck capital of the planet…..backwards, negative, where racism amd intollerance is normal and accepted…here, climate change isn’t a thing…we pollute like it’s our God given right…..recyling is frowned upon…I just don’t fit….

But, well, here I am……

I know there are pockets of this place I like and feel comfortable in..and I can do things, stuff that makes it more me, my kind of place…like this morning’s ride around the ‘hood.

Got some sunshine…socialized a bit…..and then, went home and sat myself in front of the TV for the day…uhhhhhh.

115 days until I turn 65…..maybe instead of going to Vancouver, I’ll just make all 115 days count….livin’ out my dream?……..livin’ out my dream, and make every day active and less about the couch and the TV?

Not sure what that means…again, another thing to think about over the weekend, so Monday, when I’ll be 65 in a 113 days…….

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