a bout of depression?

Not a good couple of days. feeling frustraited, depressed, and just wanna go right back to bed……

An up was my virtual/zoom run clinic yesterday….acting as a cheerleader for those in the group, I like that, but well, I can’t cheer myself

I’ve a lot going on in my life, lots of busy stuff, to keep me occupied…..but, I seem to be in my couch in front of my tv and on this thing more and more………not good…

I keep thinking about a line from a song called ‘I’m going back’…….it’s says ‘I can recall a time when I wasn’t ashamed to reach out to a friend.’ ….I like that, can connect with that….right now, I don’t have that friend to reach out to……..so I guess a day to sit, and look inside, and well 🙁

4 thoughts on “a bout of depression?

  1. Cheer up, Warren, it’s normal. I’ve been going through the same thing, I blamed autumn and the usual period of accommodation. But you need to spend time with yourself more, do new things and learn to be at peace with whatever you feel. You’re growing stronger.

    Stay safe and have a great weekend! 😊🍁

  2. I suffer from depression and those bouts of depression suck. But the good news is that it gets better and you’ll get out of the slump. Feel better soon.

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