connections. coincidence?

No pix today….

This morning’s blog was all Terry Fox.

I spent most of the morning on this thing getting some work done….at almost noon I went for a run

Even when I got into my car I had set plan on where I wanted to begin..but went to my local fave spot.

I began my run, changed the route as I went along.

At the bottom of a hill I crossed paths with a friend I hadn’t seen for over a year……so we ran together.

The last time we crossed paths, he was recovering from surgery…thyroid cancer.

He’s still recovering…

How did that happen…it was a hard run, I struggled and it turned out to be more running intervals for 7K, but it was good..

but a coincidence?…fate?……

Somewhere I saw someone once said that fate offers us doors, choices, it’s up to us to decide which door….today, was that just random, or fate….I start my morning thinking about cancer, and someone who’s life was about finding a cure, about inspiring.

Then I randomly bump into someone that’s fighting that good fight.

That was good….

After, I got home and had an email waiting for me……

I’m putting on this race/fun run…

Another local business has stepped up to help out and support……

This is getting better…I just need more people to register…..only 31 so far, 40 days to go, it’d be nice to have 40 runners to register over the next 40 days…..but yeah, I’m a runner, patience is what I do….

3 fitness centres have stepped up, a physio, three grocers………so, yeah, so far so good

I know I’ve had many ups, many downs….yes, there are times I love my life….somethings bother me, and I know more downs will come…..but yep, maybe ut’s all just a part of being old, getting old, but honestly this has been my life… and downs…just I guess just enjoy the up days, and remember them on the down days….and forget the past.

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