Every Child Matters Dammit!!!!!

I woke up this morning, angry…..

In Canada this is a day we honor and remember those children that were stolen from their parents, from their homes, taken to residential schools to have the Indian beat out of them……

This is a history I was never taught, never knew…or parents, our teachers, our governments failed to acknowldge this this history, the history that we live on lands that were stolen, that we poisoned people to get land, to build a railway…and we were never taught that….

Canada’s history is horrible, awful……yep, not unique, Austrailia, the United States, New Zealand, Hawaii….a lot of places arn’t much better, but we were brain washed to believe that Canada was better….what a bunch of bullshit.

Recently it was discovered that two women were buried in a landfilll site, like garbage….and government’s refuse to find those bodies, to bury them properly……..fuck that. If those two women had white skin, tell me that governments wouldn’t move heaven and earth to find those bodies yesterday!

Currently parents – parents are assholes – are demanding that inclusion not be taught in school,

I recently spent part of a day at a school that was filled with junior and senior high school kids, and you know what, if they were left alone, things may have a chance to change…they treated each other way better then adults do..they’re embarrased by the nonsense coming from their parents…but grade after grade, year after year they’re being taught racism nonsense…getting indocrinated buy school curriculums designed by adults that promote racism and intolerance ……… were no better then those that poisoned and killed kids because of the colour of their skin.

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