We lost a runner somewhere..grrrr

yep, here in Canada, we still do the Hustle, and bump and grind?

Anyway, our Run Club Run yesterday evening was fun…only 11 of us in the group, but a fun group..

Met at our favorite coffee spot, well my fave spot…the Good Earth Coffee House

I keep forgetting that Kodak moment….

This brings up a problem…I love my little Nikon camera….I hate taking pix with my IPhone….

With the Nikon is easy to hold and snap with one hand…it’s done it’s duty, it’s been dropped a few times..

so perfect for taking when I run or bike…but, when I run, I like to have the phone just in case…

and last night was a case…..I’d been emailed by someone new to our group joining us…we waited for her, outside the coffee house, I had a couple of group leaders join us just for her…..we’re always booked to start running at 6PM, but we waited an extra 5 minutes just in case, she didn’t show…so we left…

Then after the run, after I got into my car to drive home, I had an email

” I am here infront of the Good Earth Coffee Shop.”

She sent the email at 6:15…not sure where she was, but if I’d had my phone with me..well, we would have known, right?

Yes, with the phone I could stop and shoot….and yeah, I shouldn’t be doing that on my bike anyway..but I’ve had a lot of practise….but yep, will start changing somehow…

And no, I can’t carry both during a run..

Anyhow, it was a fun 5K-ish…and some of the group stopped to do burpees at one point

I didn’t take part…I’m old, and had a note from my mom…

but the whole point of run club is fun..enjoyable….no pressure……something for everyone..

Think I’m taking a rest day today, yeah I am…I’ve got a clinic night to think about and plan…and hey,

October 22nd I start instructing my own Run Clinic….not attached to my Running Room..because why not..

I’m doing it for free (I’m actually paying for the Zoom link, how stupid is that?) ….but, well I posted on Facebook that I was interested in doing it, I had nothing else planned, and stupid me, of course so far 14 people said interested…so why not?

I have no idea how this will work, without the Running Room platform to help, I’m going have to figure out training plans, I guess PowerPoint….but, well, the learning curve will continue..

This morning has been a challenge..I’ve a really stuffed up chest, and after of morning of cleaning up my wife’s/our computer room and office….I do that because I’m the neat freak in the house, and yes I vacuum behind the couches, desks, under shelves….I’m mean WHY NOT!…..

I’ll talk about meeting the lady who became my wife later, but earliest memory…she lived half a block away from me in Vancouver, that Kits neighborhood…we actually met via the Westender free press newspaper, the personals….but had I known?….My building was being worked out, loudly, and yes I was still working nights, so I stayed at her place for a day while she was at work, and OMG!!!!!!!….instead of sleeping, I cleaned her apartment……and yes it did take the whole day, and NOTHING’S CHANGED!…..I’m guessing the only reason she said yes, she wanted to marry a house cleaner……


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