86 Days to 65..and yes I went for a run

I ran angry today…first, waking up to see what was going on in Israel this morning…I’m saying, bomb the Gaza Strip flat!

The I watched this commercial that asks, ‘what are people that are 65 doing.’ and they show a bunch of really old apparently supposedly 65 year olds, looking so old…I yelled at the TV F-You, that ain’t me

okay so I do looked old and angry….

But the run was good…still not the pace I wanted, and for some reason my chest was feeling stuffed up again…but the effort was there, the body just wanted to go, and what a beautiful day…+22C, no wind and the sun is out…I hope this lasts…it was only a 6K, pace was 6:35 per K, but it’s always to do something.

I’m kind of in weird territory. No races or events that I’m aiming at, just training and having fun…it’s hard sometimes to do that without a definitive goal, but well, I guess mine is to stay fit, stay healthy, and get ready for 2024…..and 65.

I was going to say doing something…run/bike/swim..every day until January 1st and that b-day, but, well, rest days?

I will see……

Today’s been good…..one day at a time , reconstructing Warren.

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