I want to run, but don’t. 85 days to 65.

Not sure why I like this picture……it was in my old place at 1313 the Firs on West 13th in Vancouver

I miss those two guitars……the furniture maybe….that one room was special…made and listened to a lot of music…and was comfortable..

It’s Sunday, it’s Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend, I’ve got lots to be thankful for, but am not feeling 100%

watching a replay of this morning’s Chicago Marathon…thinking about people doing the Victoria Marathon…

Kein Kiptum won in two hours and 35 seconds…in Chicago…

That’s close to my half marathon time.

That’s running like someone is chasing you speed.

I’d like to go for something short, so maybe…but this almost 65 year old body is saying maybe run every other day?..so yeah, a day off and watch football

One of the wheelchair racers is being interviewed, they didn’t make excuses, I guess you just keep doing what you can do.

I had planned a 10K this morning, but maybe that’ll be a Monday thang….

Yeah, a rest day, tomorrow a run day before turkey dinner….early…..positive thoughts….chill


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