and as of right now 69 have signed up…..OMG!…now the pressure is on!

about a week ago I was freaking out that we had I think 38, friday we finally got into the 50s, and now 69!

Okay, my wish of wishes I’m hoping for 100 participants, and 20 volunteers..that would be perfect, but, OMG this is actually happening?

Okay, I did organize the race, got the toques, and gathering post race stuff, I’ve got acual sponsors, we’ll have a warm up, a cool down, stuff…..I have asked Red Bull for some help, if they show up, that would be cool…but 3 local fitness folks involved, a physio bringing massage tables, 2 grocery store chains, the City and the Running Room…..

So far it’s been a lot of work, there’s really nothing else I can do until the week before the race to get the volunteers the groceries and the hydration stations all set….but, well, a long with a few events to work over the next three weeks, my clinic wrapping up, another – my own – clinic to get rolling…..the next few weeks are going to be nuts..

but we’ve got ourselves a race?

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