Took a sad song and made it better…

yep……ran across the universe

and it’s getting better all the time…….way too many times I feel like that fool on the hiil, but honestly,

every day seems to feel right, good…..I feel a lot of energy, instead of putting stuff off, I just do….no more, but procrastination….not really a huge thing…I do seem to spend too much time not doing stuff, but on the other hand, I spend a lot of time trying to fill my spare time up……is that retirement?

Yeah, I’ve been retired almost 10 years, it’ll be a decade come next February, in I think 79 days, I’ll have to change the words to when I was 64.

Today’s run took a while to get to, it seems that lunch runs are now my thing..after a full breakfast…

Did that Yesterday, which seems so far away…..but running is feeling still good…I now need to pick up the pace….so, the more, is better, stronger is better…..variety is needed…..and great.

That was today, just made it up as I went along, a few turns I don’t usually do, and I’m starting to feel strong enough to run with a little help from my friends…….someone to push me every so often, and also to force me to run in new places, to get my ass back into being comfortable with being uncomfortable…

Tomorrow never knows, but I’m looking forward to tomorrow….

planning, looking ahead, and reaching out…..I believe
This is heaven to no one else but me….

So tomorrow…….maybe it’s time to get on the bike

love this…..and says a lot to me

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