A morning of playing catch up…

wow….I don’t know if every other blogger does this, but I follow everyone that follows me, or try to…and try to keep up today….but OMG, that takes a lot of time

I know I’ve been busy when I go into my email and see two days worth of blogs to catch up on….

I guess it’s normal to look forward to a lot of them…..always interesting, inspiring, and some prompt memories of my own, and some play with my way of thinking of different things…and one, videos that feed my love of the 90s!

It just takes time…….

obviously today is a rest and recovery day … so catching up, reading, planning the weekend…getting ready for my own event on the 29th, organzing..and drinking a lot of coffee…..

and oh yes, on line shopping on Amazon……never a good thing.

It’s weird, at one point I was concerned that only 50 or so had registered….now I’m freaking out now that we’re at 80 participants…not sure why? I was planning on 100, hoping for 20 volunteers (I’m at 13)……so all good….I’ve got the food and hydration, the warm up and cool down all set…kind of sort of know my plans for race morning……but this is my very first time doing this on my side….I’ve volunteered and worked at races…..I’ve taken part in a lot of them……I pretty much know what I need, how to do what I need to do….much like training for a marathon, I know what is left to do, how these next two weeks will be like…now just to focus, and relax (good luck with that?)

I kind of wish I’d gone for a run today, but there’s tomorrow and the weekend….I’m trying to figure out a schedule, a training schedule I can keep…I like running, biking, swimming, strength training, cross country skiing, and have to figure out how to schedule all of that, rest and recovery, and understand as a senior now (almost 65) and have to take that into account…I guess that’s a huge part of reconstructing Warren….

so lots of paperwork, thinking, planning….I want to keep it all simple, and easy to keep to. I’ve no events planned until 2024, so this is just off season training…and oh yeah, I’m thinking of testing out beet juice…busy, busy times…..but yes Taylor Swift I need to calm down…and oh yeah I’ve got a clinic to finish off, a new one about to begin…..and a few more events this fall to work

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