what does it say when you don’t trust?

My subtitle should be if you don’t rely on anyone, then you don’t have to worry about being let down?

I can honesty say, right now, I don’t have a friend. no one I would call a friend……how sad is that.

what are friends for..and if you’re not your best friend, how can anyone else be?

I used to…people that I thought were friends, some just acquaintances?

I’ve been burned by those I thought were friends. I’ve been let down…..and then at some point I just decided I guess that trusting anyone isn’t something I do, it’s not worth it At some point, people will always just let you down…..

Someone a while told me if I ever needed help, just reach out and ask……yep, I never ask. I’d rather let the pressure fall on my shoulders, and not hope someone would want to lend a hand…

I do have a wife, who I guess is a friend, but that’s too obvious, and a given.

There have been a few that I really trusted, and looked to…..not really anyone I could confide in, not someone that took me as me….

I know what the problem is…me. Partly I’m either not open to being a friend, or too open?…..Also, well, I’m seriously not really a nice guy…I don’t really like me, so, well….I’m just, well, odd?

yep, I do look back on different times when, yeah maybe…I’ve had friends for a few minutes….okay maybe longer….but, not anymore…….some just drift away, some turn away………never to be seen again…..now I’m that guy off in the corner having lunch by himself.

I know, I know, looking backwards is a waste of time…but sometimes you just want to ask, was it something I said? Or what happened……..

Sometimes, maybe too often now, I’m the one that walks away….I’m just not good enough or don’t deserve that friendship.

I don’t know if to file this under reconstructing Warren, or in the dust bin…….it just is…as they say, you’re born alone, you die alone…there’s some people in your life that mattered, there’s some you should just let go…..save the good memories,…don’t ask what happened, just let it be…..easier said than done.

okay I promise…maybe tomorrow’s blog will be more positive….who knows, um yeah, tomorrow never knows?…….take a sad song and make it better…how?

One thought on “what does it say when you don’t trust?

  1. Hi Warren, it’s nice to read your posts!

    During my life I learned that friends come and go, and no matter how hard you try to get them to be with you, to support you, they won’t.

    And do you know why? Mostly because we assign roles and create a character that doesn’t match with half of who that person is. We choose to black out sometimes and not be present and expect things from that person isn’t going to make it happen.

    Make a priority of having God in the middle of your relationships, of any kind. You’ll see those grow and flourish beautifully.

    Have a blessed weekend! 🍁☀️

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