Run Club make all alright….

this was good….not a bad day…all boring stuff, organizing a race thing and things….more and more people have registered, seem to be short a few volunteers, and have to juggle those around….who wants to help where, but not there…..and yep, decided were going to have coffee at the race..which adds a whole new level of things on the to do things list and STRESS!!!!

My route looks to be compromised, so have to use an alternative and have to make sure it’s 5K, second loop for 10K…..yeah, it’s not a chipped timed race, there will be two timing clocks, but it’s got to be exactly 5K, not 5.01 or 4.99, it’s gotta be 5K!!!

It’s a great group….a new member, and a couple out for their 2nd time….we split up into our different paces, and it felt sooooo good to get out.

I’ve kind of taken a kind if a run break or a training break as I get closer and closer to race day…so yeah, a break to clear my head…


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