I ran today. I walked today

Yep, proof, aliens are real..and they ride flying discs!

Today started off slow……still figuring out this race thing…almost just 9 days away, and I need to figure out coffee!…I wasn’t planning on adding coffee to the post run snack deal, but, it’s gonna be a chilly Sunday, so there’s better be coffee…..I don’t have time to try and find a sponsor to donate, so will have to purchase….two urns, coffee and hot chocolate, and I have 9 days to try and make that happen….

I finally dragged my butt out the door at lunch time for an almost 8K run….

honestly I had a hard time comvincing myself to get out the door…but used the old…just go somewhere, start, and if it feels good just carry on, if not, don’t…it felt fine

the final sunny and warm day of 2023, started with a hill and a climb which got me warmed up…I stuck to intervals, and if felt oh so good…….a beautiful autumn day in the big city.

That all it takes really…ya just have to start…which, as the year gets colder, chilly, and well then snow….but as long as the door hits my ass as I get out the door, all will be good..and then you get to brag about just doing it

Then tonight a walk….I don’t normally do that..I run, don’t walk…..but tonight, I’d promised my clinic folks that yep, I’d do this outside…..the deal was to have our last meet with everyone from where they ran….I guess I was the only one that got the memo……….so yeah, a short 3K walk, just before sunset…while chatting on my phone with 7 people…..I was hoping for 31, but 7 who’s just run their first full and half marathons this past weekend…that was good.

We finished just before the night fell….and well, the wind will blow…we’re going for +20C today to maybe +12 sometime tomorrow, and then minus something next week…..but the point, the walk felt right..am thinking I will add an evening walk to the routine…

Tomorrow, tomorrow..still focusing more and more on race, less and less on training…..but still, getting outside, it’s amazing at what fresh air and a little sun dones.

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