Winter has Arrived in the Great White North

This was my morning…….an early morning setting up a run called the Fall Classic …with 10 mile and 5 mile


Honestly, this isn’t as cold as it gets, but, well, it always shocks us whenever the weather dips below the freezing mark….by the middle of next month, this would feel warm.

And yes there were a few running in shorts this morning…not many, but they were there, the brave souls

Actually running in this is not a problem, once you start moving, your body warms up, and believes that it’s 10 degrees warmer than it actually is……

Setting all this up, taking it down also warms the body up….

Standing in one spot handing out Gatorade and water to the runners, the 10K runners, not so much….

I was wearing three layers on top, yes, only jeans so that may have been the problem..I was shivering for 3 hours after I got inside…

I love doing this stuff….it’s always cool (cold?) to watch and cheer others on, it’s motovation, and inspiration, but it’s always good to see others doing this for fun while getting some fitness with the fun.

That’s the key right? If you had to, why would you?….That’s so me. If some MD told me I had to run, get exercise to stay healthy or not die, I’m pretty sure I would push back…..but because it’s me, it’s may play time…and when doing with others my playdate…

You’ve got to move…….it sure does your body good…..but, well, I find even for the head. It’s just fun….I get to do this….while my fellow 64 year old sat at home watching NFL this morning, I was out doing stuff..

This is now me, and it feels so good

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