120 Bananas….I’ve ordered 120 bananas

My day on the phone…..

Getting permission so our truck, the truck that brings the race gear has a place to park…DONE!

that’s a weird angle, but that’s what the start finish gantry looks like

there are timing clocks, a sound system…..and lots of hot air…

Yay…so getting that set is good, the construction on our race route has finished, so yeah, that’ll make the route a lot better…

I now have 104 runners, 23 volunteers….and after run food, snacks and beverages are all either picked up or ordered…and yes 120 bananas…I’ve just checked, 120 bananas not 120 bunches of bananas….apparently there’s a difference..

4 Days, my head is exploding at least once or twice every day, I haven’t slept since August..I cannot wait until Monday when I’ll be able to breathe again..

Tonight help, group run Wednesday…man it felt good..our first below freezing run since February…I love this..it’s amazing how good, a good run can feel….it felt light, east, feet turned well, pace feel good, and being with people felt good too……socialize and not staring at this blue screen for a few hours is what the doctor ordered…feel so good now…

Actually, that’s something I thought a few times today, tonight….this feels right, good…busy, lots going on…my next virtual clinic, and kicking my ass back into regular training, daily training, working out, being active, an older active guy…..it just all feels good, working around the house, doing stuff….all so good

tomorrow…fixing the heating system

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