decompressing. time to rebuild warren

So my race is done…..

Now all I’ve got is a relaxed Warren’s Zoom Run Clinic on Sunday evenings…well see how that goes.

Wednesday’s Run Club forever….I’m volunteering at an event on November 12th…

but the rest of the year, my life singing when I’m sixty four will roll along until my 65th bday on New Year’s Day!

I won’t lie, I am worn out…..just dead beat. I had a great sleep, but still woke up so tired.

It’s a good feeling though. Satisfied, thankful, actually okay…..a good event was held, now I get to relax and enjoy life.

I was planning on running this morning, but that little voice in my head said, one more rest day..and get back on that horse tomorrow.

It’s weird, I’m watching, binge watching a show called Salvation, I kind of need that….or maybe an epiphany…..or an understanding of where I am….and where I want to go…

Understanding that, well, you hear that right? I know it’s a Lululemon thing, I’ve heard it elsewhere, where do I want to be in 5 years….and what do I need to do to get there…well, in 5 years, I will be 70…how terrifying is that……70!

I guess one goal is to not be dead…..70? WTF!?…..what does 70 mean…?

I guess I’m not a kid anymore

I’m not big on making a big impression, leaving a legacy, I have no bucket list….I’m just me, and my family…what’s the future hold beyond 70?…….or until 70?

Seriously, now, I pretty much live day by day……I don’t really plan ahead, I just do…

Can I still do that for 5 years? Into my 7th decade?

I don’t know, is it about making every day count, or just keep on keeping on?

Yes, I’m thinking marathon next year, next spring…..more clinics, sure, another event next year..

But what about us?…..Yeah day by day..

Tomorrow, back on the move, more endurance, keep on learning, and living….

To tomorrow

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