I used to take a lot of pictures…this was back in the days of analog, film, actual film, f stops, filters, and you had only so many shot you could take…..

As the usual nature shots, pix during hikes..like music was my drug….live, and until the now where every phone is in every pocket and that phone is now a camera, there was a time when it was hit or miss whether a camera would be allowed into a venue….there were two promoters, one was Brimstone, no cameras, Perryscope no problem..

Sometimes it was the act…I shot an entire show at the Commodore Ballroom with the new wave band, the Motels, which was amazing. The singer, Martha Davis was so worth the effort, but about 1 roll of film in, two big goons came and grabbed the film….

That top pix is Sheron Alton…..the band was Toronto….I saw them a lot, I was almost a groupie….

But always had my camera, the handy dandy Canon AT1….Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver…..always great..

Alton was married to the other guitar player in the band, Brian Allen, lead singer, Holly Woods….Alton and Allen were pretty amazing singwriters…..what about love was one of theirs…..which gave Heart one of their biggest hits of all time

Yeah, Heart…can’t remember the year, but this was at an all day out door concert at the Edmonton Commonwealth Stadium…..

I think one of the pix of Toronto was at the old Edmonton Coliseum, New Years Day…they were there with the bands Harlequin

and Streetheart…..

an amazing show, and lots and lots of images…and so many memories

Now? Well, I don’t take much, usually just things I see on runs and rides with my tiny Nikon…

My goal is to do more, more often..one pic a day…..Live music won’t happen, I don’t think…but, there’s so much more…

Also it’s time to dig back, where I was…expect for rock and roll pictures to come


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