Two pretty good days…and yep got out for a run

So first I saw this

The I saw this

So, nope, not following that arrow, well, would there be Zombies?

It was a good late morning 6K……I have to say I was on the fence…it was foggy, a little on the cold side (which is stupid, because in about a month this will feel like summer(….and I was tired…

But,my daughter’s caregiver/aid/worker had arrived…I’d had breakfast, my two cups of coffee (nope, haven’t stopped that habit yet) and had nothing eslse to do….so let’s run..

and I did see a few birds…

Yesterday was kind of the same, sat around moping around, and finally got around to throwing my bike onto my bike trainer for 45 minutes, to start to get used to riding inside….it’s a new trainer, so gotta get over that learning curve

and yep, the diet is on…..cutting the amount of coffee and tea I usually drink…WATER WATER WATER….gotta get rid of a gut, and get my cholesterol numbers down, apparently my numbers are a bit high (WHAT!!!)… gotta get exersize…and watch that diet.

I wanna go vegan, I’ve wanted to do that for a while, I get a lot of pushback from the family, but, um, I do cook a lot of the meals…..but big deal, now I have to cook more meals, especially the evening meal, extra options…cause, apparently I’m the only one that like red lentils…..but, it is my health, so the battle continues.

now, back to the laundry…and grrrr…and will have to figure out why my Polar M460 will not connect to my laptop!

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