Good days. Okay days. Just Days.

Yesterday was okay…did stuff, then, Run Club Wednesday.

Run Club was great. The way it should be…..a goup of 15, the rabbits, and us doing 5 and 1 intervals…

Usually the speed demons go way ahead and we don’t see them again until we’re done….but yesterday I was in a mood, designed a route where those in front had to wait for us so I could direct them in the right direction…..

some thought it was hilarious, some just accepted that it was Warren at work…..and some of the newer runners were wondering what the hell was going on…..but seemed to enjoy the many changed in the route..because I changed the route as we went along…

And yes, 5K became 7K, and I added a few stair repeats near the end, a hill at the beginning….

Today, woke up just not feeling right….sleepy, angry, tired, stuffed up, not really in the mood for much…

so some house cleaning…finally threw out some old cassettes and get this, floppy discs…am not sure why on earth I was saving them all….

The cassettes had special meaning…….they were from a past life of mine, as a writer, freelance…they were recordings of a lot of interviews……..a lot of random ones, some that were special…people like Sarah McLachlan, a couple of them….Chris De Burgh….some were heroes, some became good friends….but, well, what could I play those cassettes threw them away…

I still have copies of some of the articles I wrote….my slush pile, am thinking may scan them and put them into a book form of some type…..

I sometimes miss writing, whenever I watch an interview, or read one, I always start thinking of things I would ask, or talk about…..and cringe at some of the questions asked….I had my own rules…sexual orientation, recent passings, relationships, none of my, or anyones business….and I hate now when other’s dig into those subjects…..I find them offensive…

But, that was another life…time to get rid of old things and move on…..

Tonight’s Zoom meet was great…a friend came on as a guest speaker to help talk about those last weeks before marathon day……it was good….only 7 of the 38 in the group. I get it, people have lives, and it’s not always the right time…people in this group live from sea to shinning sea…across Canada..and I think one is even up north….some in cities, some in remote areas of thee country…it’s kind of cool….

Tomorrow, Friday……oh yeah, today was a Sarah McLachlan day…watching videos, some live vids, listening to a lot of the music I used to listen to when I lived in Vancouver (why on earth did we ever move away)..but, I think, doing that kid of put my head into a good positive space……hope it lasts


That Made Me Feel So Good

yep, I really needed that…a really good Wednesday evening Run Club Run

This was so good……, I need fun, more fun……

Usually I have a simple route to follow, and I thought tonight was going to be that…..but then, well, I thought, why not play around with the route?

So yep, I changed things up as we went along…threw in a few stairs…and added a couple of kilometers just for fun…..

The pace I did was built around the group was with the back of the pack sweeping…….and it worked out perfect….

I thought we were going to do 5 and 1 intervals, but ended up just around that…..not exactly…

I feel like now, I’m back on track… current run clinic is almost at it’s end, my race is starting to fill up…..45 signed up so far, hopefully I’ll make it to 100 participants…..20 volunteers and a lot of help from sponsors and supporters, I think things will turn out okay…

and the best part…looking forwards to tomorrow…

I’m about to become a virtual clinic instructor

who knew?……This started out as a day where I felt hopeless and depressed.

then, well, I look at my calendar, I have nothing really planned after October 19th, other than my run on October 29th, and well, why don’t I host my own virtual run clinic on Zoom for about 10 weeks….

So, I posted a note on our virtual run club group…and well, people started saying yeah, sure….OMG!

How does this happen? I guess you build it they will come…..?

Setting up the Zoom seems pretty simple, I can record everything….I’m not sure how I get people registered, and send group emails…..but, well, small details.

I hope some locals join in, so we can get some group training in….I think that this will be free, and it seems some people trust me….so may be good..a start….

So ying and yang, bipolar……whatever….kind of a good thing, but, did I just make life a lot busier….?

and OMG…I guess I thought I had too much spare time

A down day…but that’s okay

Yeah, went to bed feeling okay, with big plans for today..woke up, not so much….but, I’m used to this.. I wake up realizing that everyone hates me and that I don’t want to leave the house…

So will have a pity party, watching the Berlin Marathon replay, will drink coffee, and will see if that mood improves later.

There’s nothing I have to do today, maybe make dinner for the family…..

I’ve got to find a way to combat this feeling…..maybe an early morning run as soon as I wake up?

Listen to music rather then watching the news……..just get up and go….find a group, start a group……?

I know there were times in my life when I would jump out of bed and get for some reason, not so much…

I do know how to fix things, I can organize things…..just have no idea how to fix myself….

oh well, life goes on….

And I guess I should reach out for help with this and what is going on inside my head

Maybe it is the change of season…..

I’m not someone that will reach out, but, well, maybe I should

A off day….

So a yard work day…….

Getting ready for fall….both at home, and wondering what comes next…

This is going to be an interesting time of year…

My current Zoom virtual marathon/half marathon clinic ends on October 19th

It looks like I have nothing on that schedule until that start of the new year…

Events….after my Run LoSeCa Run on October 29th, I think there’s one more around December 2nd.

So Run Club Wednesdays and that it…..

what will I do with myself??

Train, yes, train..get ready for 2024?…..that marathon in May?

I’m going to I guess just wait and see….I don’t think I’ve had a point where I haven’t had a clinic going on or as a part of my life for almost 2 months…..

Maybe I’ll just use the time, the free time to run and enjoy the scenery..

An okay weekend..being tired is a good thing

So my Saturday began at a run called Cheryl’s Run for Aplastic Anemia.

I helped set up the start/finish gantry etc.

I got that all done, went for the 5K run..because why not…got the t-shirt and a pretty cool medal…I gave it to my daughter….I loved the 5K route…lots of off road on trails along the river, so, so good…

It was a nice way to start a day…..the post run food was provided by a company called Purple Pyrogy, which was amazing…..gotta love sour cream after a run..

That began my day at 8AM…..then at noon it was helping set up the same at a run called the RAH Hospital Medicine Run for Home…a 5K fun run, with a race director that is brand new, never organized a race until Saturday….so we had to coach a bit…she didn’t even have her route planned out, so I gave her one..that I thought was 5K, turned out to be closer to 4K….don’t think any of the runners/walkers cared….it was for the cause raising $$$$ donations..

That was all done at 3:30…..I didn’t run, and was pretty hungry….starving in fact….so headed home to join the family for dinner (they’d ordered out for pizza)…..and rest a bit….

The back to Laurier Park, to run something called the Ultra Night Run, and then help take down all the tents, the facility….after running that 5K in the dark with a headlamp, and this had a lot of off road, and was a blast…I thought I’d picked up the pace from the morning’s run……maybe it just felt quicker because it was on trails on the dark, but my finish time says I was slower…..and yep, there was beer at the finish line

and yes, the medal is a bottle opener….all beer now comes either in cans or has a screw top, but it was nice…..unusual…..

Then we took everything in the compound down, which took me to midnight……about half an hour to drive home…….I took a wrong turn, and so, took a bit longer…but no traffic in Edmonton at that time in the night, and that was weird, but I was able to speed a bit..

I was supposed to race a 5K today, but well, dead tired, I took a rest day…..lots of paperwork, an extra Zoom session clinic talk…..tonight we had two guests taking about women and exercise… was amazing, we talked about diet, poop, de-mystifying the menstral cycle……something not covered enough….that was good….

but again drop dead tired today, all day….and for somereason thinking that eating a lot will keep me awake…

a rest day with blisters

so…..I’ve a family that loves milk, chocolate milk, juice, juice boxes, and water, lots of water…me, Gatorade, yeah water, Coca Cola…..and well….we recyle.

My morning, was sorting, counting, bagging, and taking off all the screw tops…..almost 700 of them….

I know, I know, that’ll be a lot of recycling…..I just donate to whomever’s collecting….they’re a High School collecting, so they get it all….they’re donating to the Terry Fox Foundation…so a good cause, and yep, BLISTERS!…..yep, sticky bottles, and A LOT OF SCREW TOPS!…

Then, yep, the first day of fall is Saturday…some places (Vancouver) that’ll mean a lot of rain

Here it just means raking a lot of leaves…..

So that was my morning…….but the good news, pretty much all of them have fallen…..I hope..and our neighbors don’t have a lot of trees…..and yes, they look nice on the trees, not so much when I hav to rake and sweep them up…..

Tomorrow should be fun…..

I start my day at a 5K run in the river valley at 10AM

after I help out at that run before it starts and then running, and grabbing some equipment (a generator, a loud speaker, and a timing clock)… I can go and help out and set up a gantry at another race

Gotta be there by noon, for a race that begins at 2PM……should be fine, I think it’s only a 5K so should be over with quickly…..

after, I think I have time to go home for a few minutes…then in the evening, I think at about 7PM….

another 5K…apparently there’s beer at the end…then I will help take the whole thing down…should be done about midnight…

Sunday morning?….that’s still up in the air….I’m booked to run an off road 5K

at 10AM…..After a long and late Saturday, this five K will depend on when I wake up, what time I get to bed Saturday evening…..and how I feel…..again another great cause, I’m already registered..and it would be nice to get another t-shirt and another bib….but will see, at worst maybe I show up (the run doesn’t start until 10)…..or I sleep in and go for another 5K on my own…..

A good day, a busy busy weekend to come….let’s see how that goes…

A Terry Fox Run

my job…set up the gantry, cheer the runners…..take the gantry down

kids are amazing…they know how to have fun, and to just be.

The school I was at, junior high, and senior high school kids…..some ran, some walked the 3K loop….one hobbled, was in a wheel chair before and after….one on roller blades…

had fun before, had fun after…..a socialized like crazy….they weren’t trying to win…a few were……thay had a morning outside, and just enjoyed the day….

It was good being there……..I’m glad I get to do what I do…..and yeah, the kids are alright….

Run Club Wednesday

I know, I look awful….but a good evening, running with my Wednesday evening Run Club crew.

Always fun, and always new members of the crew….

As usual I was the sweeper.we usually have a few slower runners, and as the group leader/organizer…’s my job. Run Club is all about them, I can get my run for me afterwards or the next morning….

so, 10 really quick runners ahead, the two of us following behind…they went for a good 6K, we did 3….and then I carried on and got a good solid 3K more on my own and regroups with the rest afterwards.

Lots of socializing, connecting……hanging out…..I like that part. Before, during and after, a group of friends going for a run, it always works out better that way..

The days are getting shorter, and with the upcoming time change, darker earlier…..

But it’s their Wednesday, but my Wednesday too…….making life better and more enjoyable…..more positive…and yeah, some training as well….

connections. coincidence?

No pix today….

This morning’s blog was all Terry Fox.

I spent most of the morning on this thing getting some work done….at almost noon I went for a run

Even when I got into my car I had set plan on where I wanted to begin..but went to my local fave spot.

I began my run, changed the route as I went along.

At the bottom of a hill I crossed paths with a friend I hadn’t seen for over a year……so we ran together.

The last time we crossed paths, he was recovering from surgery…thyroid cancer.

He’s still recovering…

How did that happen…it was a hard run, I struggled and it turned out to be more running intervals for 7K, but it was good..

but a coincidence?…fate?……

Somewhere I saw someone once said that fate offers us doors, choices, it’s up to us to decide which door….today, was that just random, or fate….I start my morning thinking about cancer, and someone who’s life was about finding a cure, about inspiring.

Then I randomly bump into someone that’s fighting that good fight.

That was good….

After, I got home and had an email waiting for me……

I’m putting on this race/fun run…

Another local business has stepped up to help out and support……

This is getting better…I just need more people to register…..only 31 so far, 40 days to go, it’d be nice to have 40 runners to register over the next 40 days…..but yeah, I’m a runner, patience is what I do….

3 fitness centres have stepped up, a physio, three grocers………so, yeah, so far so good

I know I’ve had many ups, many downs….yes, there are times I love my life….somethings bother me, and I know more downs will come…..but yep, maybe ut’s all just a part of being old, getting old, but honestly this has been my life… and downs…just I guess just enjoy the up days, and remember them on the down days….and forget the past.