Who Am I

I’m Just Me

I’m just me. Almost 63; semi-retired, was an employee for 35 years at one place, was an employee at our St. Albert Running Room, then the manager, and am now back to be a manager…clinic instructor…….a happily married and father of 3……..I’ve been many things….I run, bike, swim, occasionally attempt yoga, have been into strength training. I once was a novice level bodybuilding judge of all things, I have been a freelance write…highlights of that life have been interviewing everyone from Sarah McLachlan to Chris de Burgh to everyone in-between, the best was being one of the first to interview the new and upcoming, seemed a lot of people thought I was good at that…and I’ve been a broadcaster…..I began my life as an addicted runner at a Learn to Run Clinic at the Callingwood Running Room in west Edmonton in 1996 after moving back to the Edmonton area (St. Albert) after about 15 years away..after stints of living in Jasper, Vancouver, and Kamloops…..since, I’ve done many things….everything from 5K fun runs to the Ironman Canada in Penticton, relay races through the Rocky Mountains at the Canadian Death Race and at Sinister 7…..10 marathons, some great, one did not finish (DNF) too many half marathons to mention, and yes, just like a lot, a few DNS (did not start) some done amazingly well, some were memorable (the 2009 NYC Marathon) but after almost 26 years, I’m still just Warren, I’m just someone that runs……I’ve never won a thing ( I came 3rd in my age group exactly once) I’ma mid-packer at best, as I’ve aged, maybe a little further back…I’ve learned a lot over the years, I like sharing, I believe some things, think some things not so much……

Exactly 2 years ago I had a fall and fractured my occipital bone – yeah, a fractured skull sounds way more dramatic – and gave myself a concussion that I still seem to be recovering from………post concussion syndrome I guess it’s called….

I’m just me…I like to share, I’m not beolden to any brand or retailer……and actually love this life, I like being an almost senior who enjoys moving, and even better seeing others get this stuff…and seeing what others do, just being active……so that’s what I think this blog will become about…..sharing everything I know; me marching along on this concussion road, to hopefully to return to marathoning, half marathoning and back to the world of triathlon…and see if I can do that as a senior on kind of a fixed income….

A marathon, even a 5K, even that second step isn’t easy…but I want to share why you never regret just doing, just beginning, everything begins with a start….just like this blog



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