44 Days to BMO Vancouver. An okay week

Okay, so well…not a bad week. I seem to have worked out that every other day seems to work okay, or well, I will still attempt a rest day a week, 1 active rest day (whatever that means?) but I guess what it means, if i feel burned out, and need a rest day, that’s my head to take one…so that was today, after an awesome Thursday!…A Thursday the way this was supposed to work!…all day, a life the way I’d like it to be…

I hit the weight room at my fave new club

it was just a all over the place work out, but felt so good…….it was nice to hit free weights again, and find my way around my new digs……

I have a standard routine, I decided to focus even more than usual…I don’t need to do arms and just stick on the big multi muscle groups…benches, squats, leg presses, rows…..heavier (for me) low reps, and no more than 3 or 4 sets each…in and done in about 30 minutes……

I kid of screwed this up a bit…I used have a routine; run then weights then swim…yesterday that began with the weights, and why not run up a hill afterwards…it was tough, but that run, one of my many fave routes felt so good…the sun was shining, it was long sleeved t-shirt weather…so all great

and I got to go down one of my favorite alleys…..and the into the pool for an easy 1000 meters

so I paid for all that today…after maybe the best sleep in a while, I felt sore, I knew I had a busy day at the RRoom store, and yeah, was a little sore walking around selling shoes…but that felt good too.

I’m looking towards a good weekend…after such a positive week should be a given….It’s time to polish off the bikes, get the trainer tires off, everything cleaned, greased, and ready for the summer and to hit the roads……yep, that half marathon is 44 days away, which means Sunday I have a 14+K run on tap, something shorter Saturday..I wanna spin on the bike somewhere, and a swim Sunday would be good, but where??????…a few of our pools are closed now for repairs, and my main choice has a huge event on for the whole weekend……so, maybe some strength training instead, but feel really good, and yeah, let’s go to Vancouver!

48 Days to BMO Vancouver.

If it wasn’t fun, why would you do anything?

A great two days…today even better.

yesterday, a SVAC Run Club with a friend…a fun 6K……I should have gone after for another 8K, but I guess I saved that for today…

It was another odd run…..at one point, I was just going to go for a random run from home, or nothing at all…but got dressed, headed for the Edmonton River Valley…a 30 minute drive, got out of the car, and just ran….picked an familiar regular route….it’s like having a favorite bar…..a place that’s familiar and comfortable….well, as comfortable as a run can be…and enjoyable

I was going to go for 12K, but you know, when you finish, you know you’re finished…and it felt so good…even the icy patches…..

It must be getting close to spring though…..my YakTrax have just about done their time..as anyone that’s ever owned a pair know, as soon as you’re on pavement/tarmac/asphalt the springs and pins start to break and fall apart…that’s fine, they have a lifetime, and I’ll worry about new next winter!

I’m hoping that as soon as the ice and snow disappears, that all the hard work over the winter will pay off…….I’m also tired wearing an awful lot of clothes…today wasn’t bad, but I need shorts and short sleeves………

clothes, much like routes, seem to become routine, comfortable. I think I’ve had this top for something like 3 years….swag from a race, a good race too….and it’s always nice when it made by Lulu…..

my fave Brooks tights, they’re starting to get worn, it’s been a bit of a challenge to find anything else…I like tight, I hate baggy….and a small zippered pocket in the back just the right size for a key or better yet, a key fob…..

any my handy dandy Garmin 945..….lots on it, I don’t think I’ll ever use everything it has to offer…but, it does what I need for multi sport………altitude or whatever, all I need is maybe pace, time, distance…..leg turnover and heart rate is nice to look at afterwards……

and time for new shoes…the Adrenalines have done their time over the winter…I do have winter specific Saucony Peregrines, but these fit into the traction aids perfectly, I’ll probably go back to Hoka’s once the ice is all gone……but I have to admit I’m thinking of switching things up…but nah, for the half marathon, yeah, Hoka’s just sound right for a long run….

this is going to be a challenge….my water belt….I don’t always want to lug around a hydration pack, this is enough……to keep me hydrated if I need, zippered pockets for whatever……this is about 10 years old, or older from MEC, but no one seems to make them anymore, so I’m sort of screwed…….am searching the internet….fingers crossed…..

Tomorrow evening, a SVAC Run Club night after a day at the office…hopefully a busy day at the office…it seems lots of people are being money careful…the cost of living is going up…..so think it’ll be a quiet place for a while…but, the weather’s getting warmer, more people will get outside, and we have a huge amount of new stock coming in…..maybe war will be over, peace will break out…..and we’ll just run?

Vancouver’s BMO Half Marathon is getting closer…….I have to work on my race day plan…..

67 Days until the BMO Half Marathon

so, blew off a training run today…..I guess the cold temps scared me inside, so hopped onto the bike trainer and did an hour, and some strength training after….but still, I could have used a 5K.

I did manage coffee and tea without sugar today, but too much coffee, and I think I ate way too much crap today…..I’m staring at an apple now, should have made that my snack today, not, well, garbage in the form of simple cheap carbs…..my head and body needs less of that….

and I know this…..not sure how many times that has to be beaten into my head……..but at my age it’s getting more and more important….real food versus simple garbage…..

This was me over 2 years ago…..my advice to all…never ever fall on your head……yes that was and still is scary….knocked out, didn’t realize it until later….and yeah, as my physio told me after, I was really really lucky, any harder, and well, my wife would have been a widow.

Two years later and I’m still dealing with the aftermath, post concussion syndrome they call it….it’s not constant, but every so often my head reminds me that it’s in charge……and no one seems to know when the headaches will go bye bye…….some days are better than others, and most of the time, being active helps….at least during, the morning after not so much sometimes…sometimes the head says you’ve done so much, and yeah, sometimes balance, nausea becomes my morning’s……..

I know caffeine doesn’t help, and maybe sugar is part of the problem, I don’t know for sure, but it wouldn’t hurt to give that a try…..I’ve got 67 days to get to a race, an in person race, and the first since I cracked my skull open…..something to celebrate on May 1st hopefully.

I know that a spin on this machine isn’t the same as a run, but I also need to cross train…the endurance training helps, as does doing lots of different stuff……..it seems that back when I was doing lots of stuff, in a large variety of places helped…..I always felt fitter, and my life was all about doing, rather than being a viewer……so I need to get back to that….strength, yoga, bike, swim, and run….and social……

That social thing is about to become overwhelming maybe….as well as working at my Running Room, and instructing virtual clinics, I’m about to be in charge of a run club at a local fitness centre, which is really, really cool….I get free use of their facility..so lots of weights and classes, and yoga….and, well, I’ve just been told looking after a run club at my Running Room store, is, well, in store…so more running, and I’ll get paid to run……so lots on my dinner plate, but lots of running, and lots of social interaction……so all good, and heading into a positive direction.

It is almost the end of the week, another week….I need to pick things up, and hopefully have a busy 4 days ahead…….I’ll have to make it so

and yeah, without sugar….

84 days BMO Vancouver Half a day off

Today, and this week was a disaster, pretty much…1 run, just 1 run…….3 spins on the bike, but not enough…so, I’ll take it as a week of rest, a write off, life, maybe this week will better, better yet, this week will be better, maybe what last week was supposed to be………


MONDAYRUN 10K longer, effortlessAnd maybe swim
TUESDAYRun 5K tempoSpin 1 hour
WEDNESDAYRun 3K tempoAn easy day
THURSDAYRUN HILLS!Spin 1 hour, maybe swim
FRIDAYSwim 1200 meters 
SATURDAYRun 5K steadyMaybe spin 1 hour
SUNDAYRun 10K Longer, effortless 
MONDAYSwim 1300 metersMaybe run

my key this week is to add lots of yoga, foam rolling and BOOKING A FLIGHT!

I know where I need to be on May 1st…….

BMO Vancouver Half Marathon in 85 days

Just 85 Days…….

This wasn’t the week I was planning for….life maybe got in way.

I was active and building that endurance for 5 out of 6 days..

but only one really good run…and lots of spinning on the bike trainer

My head has been all over the place recently…and nothing to do with the actual race or training, just social stuff, life stuff……..

I STILL haven’t booked the flight, but I’m going……

I’m still not sure about my head, I’ve a few things to do…..finally found a doctor, gotta get my blood work done, apparently I need to get my eye sight checked, and a shot for shingles?……wow….

My physio says she’s got a cure for the on-going headaches/post concussion thing, so if nothing else works, I’ll be getting acupuncture……..just what I need more needles.

Tomorrow was supposed to be a 10K, but will have to save that for Monday, gotta work from open to close tomorrow, will try and lay down a 5K either stupid early, or after….I just need to get out……I like spinning and all, and it’s a great way to keep up with the Olympics (love the speed skating!) but I’ve gotta RUN!


A good tired

Wow, I look pretty serious, for such a slow run…..but, despite what it looks like, it was a good day….the kind of day I love

An morning run though my favorite part of the Edmonton River Valley, and then a swim at the Kinsmen pool, a soak in the hot pool….all good….

At one point during the run I decided that it was just going to be like a tourist run, an enjoyable run, a little exploring, and just running….

I don’t know why I’ve stayed away so long – I do know, the roads have been awful, lots of freezing rain…but today felt so good….it’s time to make that drive and that location a huge part of my life again….

And then, I wasn’t sure about the swim…..but, well, I’m there, I’ve got my swim gear….and yep, as soon as the top of my head hit the water, I felt as though I was home…..it’s been probaby 6 months since my last dip in the pool, but rockin’ back and forth, those 25 metres feel soooo goooood…….hard I haven’t swum a lot forever….but, well, I’ve always swum…it’s never been much of an effort, and like running or riding, as soon as I start, it all just feels so comfortable…..like what I’m supposed to do…

I know today was supposed to be a steady possibly easy run…it’s all about endurance….

but it just felt right

I feel now, I’m in the right place, my head is in the right place, for the first time in a while, I know I can get this done. I know at my age, I have to recover, and not get too hooked into just doing and doing…..

I’ve gotta pay attention to that rest and recovery..and yeah, the swim helps with that…and with the two sessions today, I’m back on track for that 100 workouts in 100 days…….


17 Weeks to go…..

MONDAYI took a rest dayI was beat, I needed rest, sleep, something
TUESDAYAn easy zone 1 runI really wanted to go fast today..an actual tempo run, but, well, snow, ice, and I decided to start going up hill, s at least the heart rate good a workout
WEDNESDAYSupposed to be another easy zone 1Am planning an easy 7K, and then a swim..I need a 1000 meter swim, something, I’ve gotta get my concussed head into some cool water.
THURSDAYIntense Zone 3I’ve got a doctors appointment, so not sure at what time of day this will end up being, but yeah, 4K, quick leg turn-over would be nice
FRIDAYOFFI may go for a jog, but yeah, feet up and chilling, because that’s what the schedule says…
SATURDAYEasy 3K SteadyI wanna spin on the bike, but something to work on that endurance
SUNDAY7K long and effortlessAn east 7K, I’ve got the day off work, so I can at least sleep in and then run!

Okay, so I’m a day late posting this…but officially week 2 has begun…

the official start to this aim to Vancouver began just over a week ago, and I’m feeling?….Okay….not ecstatic, but good.

I feel, yeah, okay, this can be done…I haven’t booked a flight yet, just accomidations, cause no matter what, there will be a trip to Vancouver…….so, just train.

Unlike past years, I just wanna run, the cross training, I’ll do some, just for fun…..swim, spin/bike/yoga/maybe weights….but the focus will totally be on running and getting to 21.1K…I think I’m there…..and it may be time to bump up the mileage a bit…I know the schedule says 10K Sunday, I’m thinking 10K, somewhere….maybe a trip to the river valley…I know an exact 10K route, so yep……

I’m going to watch my diet…..still lovin’ the coffee, but, yeah, more real food……the rest, the recovery….sleep….and working on this head…hopefully the MD can help with that

Learn to Run a Beginning…

This could distract, maybe, a small, virtual, Running Room Learn to Run Clinic….with a weekly intimate Zoom meet with almost 70, lots and lots of emails, and me working towards that BMO Vancouver Half Marathon……while doing so….clinics, instructing always seem to motivate me (I’ve gotta set a good example)….

well, maybe not too perfect of an example?

This was a good week….a handful of steady runs, a really good Sunday, a couple of rides on the bike trainer…so all good and only 17 more weeks to go…….I’m feeling a little positive….this little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine?

I for some reason am also taking a couple of those virtual half clinics….not sure why? (why not?) ….I guess, the more information, the more knowledge, motivation?…..whatever it takes?…..Two Half Marathon Clinics, one is almost done, one, aimed specifically at that BMO race began last week…..I like the interaction even if it is just virtual….one Zoom a week, Facebook posts, STRAVA , it all helps…..as well digging into what my fellow bloggers are up to……..all helps. Just more thinking, listening, sharing…..the more the better…

I’m not sure how I feel about STRAVA…saving and seeing what I’ve done, it’s nice to have that, I know it’s nuts, but having that validation has a benefit….if I can’t post it, did I actually do it?…..but, there’s that competitive thing……yes, it’s good to keep up, sharing what I’ve done with others, other friends, is that a good thing?..better to see what others are doing provides that inspiration (idea on routes, distances, challenges) and motivation – if someone else can wake up at run a 4:30 in the morning and runs 15K when it’s God awful cold…if they, yep, so can I?……or are we all a little crazy?

I don’t care if others follow me at Strava Runner Profile | Warren Footz …..that competitve part always bothers me a little, or a lot……..but, well, the benefits outweighs the negatives…

I love taking on clinics, I like seeing those participants getting hooked……this particular group is great, maybe a bit of a challenge…..but I like that too…….it’s a learn to run, but for a lot, it’s a re-learn, return, getting back, getting fit, and yes some that have never run before in their lives……so 11 weeks to answer to all of that, yep, it can be done…..

Virtual is hard…I can’t actually run with those in the clinic, I can’t watch them run and make sure they do the training…and actually coach in person, that would be way better right? But it is what it is, and there is some reasons why virtual works…a lot of those 70 people don’t live in a place where in person at a Running Room would be possible……..even 1 that lives in Lima Peru!…….and I can do this and have….

The payoff is seeing those in past clinics succeed, and by succeed I mean just making running/being healthy, possibly fit a part of their lives…….I’ve been doing this since 2006 (yes I was alive way back then, and I am that old)…….I have no idea how many clinics, how many participants……lots……

Tomorrow a new week, a new 7 days………here goes nothin’ for this well seasoned old guy..

-27C feels like -37C but Good

That may or, may not be Santa off in the distance, but yeah, it started up cold……

okay it remained cold for the short just under 4K run……but am so glad I got out…

I procrastnated for most of Christmas morning….then after the gifts were all opened, I knew I had to get out before the family get together, and yeah, FOOD!!…….

at one time, I was thinking maybe not….I’ve been out 4 out of the last 5 days, 6 out of the last 7….should I take Christmas day off as a day off…..would it be the worst thing….

BUT IT’S CHRISTMAS…..a tradition…even though it’s the coldest it’s been here on Christmas Day in 50 year, you still have to go…

There’s still that commitment, every day until the end of the year, until I turn 63.

The whole purpose being to get me ready for 2022, ready to begin that focused march towards the BMO Vancouver Half Marathon on May 1st………

So yeah, I ran today……not that far, a pretty good route, some trail, some through the ‘hood…..and yeah, dispite all that, no matter what, no matter the distance, you still get some fitness…

You would think snot would freee at -37 C (for those of you outside of Canuck metric land, that’s -34.6F…the colder it gets, the closer the two sort of measure the same sort of suffering)

So what do you wear at -37C? Everything?

The jacket, this New Balance jacket has been doing the trick…it’s lined and warm…I complained about it a few times over the past year – it’s a little too warm – but at -37C it does the trick. Keeps out the wind chills, and it fits and feels like a great runner’s jacket……..

I did two layers underneath, I needed that……a Craft base layer ……one they don’t make anymore, but it’s been good for 6 winters, so still works, and then I threw just a random long sleeve on top…..that did the trick….we do carry Craft gear at our Running Room store in St. Albert…..and their stuff aways seems to work well in the colder seasons.

Bottoms, was simple…a Ron Hill pair of tights – again something I’ve had for a while, but I like them…they’re not winter specific, but my legs don’t always get that cold, I just need something to keep the wind chill off…..and possibly for the first time ever, I wore a base layer, and a warm bit of protective gear to keep the privates warm…….none of it was all that thick, so all fit well….

Socks, just a pair Feetures socks just longer than usual (I usually like showing a little skin…again, my lower body doesn’t always get that cold…..

The head…just an old toque from a Hair Massacure event (yeah you know, you dye your hair pink, get it shaved, raise money to fight cancer in kids) and a BUFF

the only issue was…my glasses fogged up (I can’t wear contacts!)….so I just took them off and stuff ’em in a pocket…I can see well enough without, just don’t ask me to read a book.

I’ll model for tomorrow’s post…I plan another run, and will probably dress the same, it works!…….

With all the extra gear, and the traction aids on my Brooks Adrenalines, I did feel a little heavier…so wasn’t moving too quickly (that was yesterday’s run/workout)………..

So the lesson…it’s almost never too cold to run. I seem to have developed a love of running on ice….I seem to almost be looking for something to stick those pins into…..I usually like to stick between -25C and +25C, but if you’ve got a run plan, or even if it’s a want not a need, it still can be done…..

And even though at 63, trying to run every day is probably not what the doctor ordered, but just as with every run, it just felt so good…….the really only bad run, is the one you don’t do.

So…..see you tomorrow?

It’s Starts with a will and a way and traction

It’s been a good week so far……after a good weekend, I took Monday as a total rest and recovery day….time with feet up, and planned the week.

The last two days, were just about getting outside, getting a few much needed runs in, and getting used to snow?

Yep, still adding those traction aids…….

Today – according to that schedule – I was supposed to be running hills and going for a swim…….not today

Had a huge dump of snow, on top of the freezing rain that’s still on all the roads and trails, and it’s two days until Christmas, so today, once the coffee and breakfast has been digested, I’ll head out again for another short 30 minutes…keep that fitness up, and enjoy myself.

We’re supposed to be heading into a deep freeze for the next few days – THE COLDEST CHRISTMAS IN 50 YEARS!!…..that’s not the bad thing, what really sucks is realizing that 50 years ago I was 13!!!!!.

So, yeah, get over it……so will bundle up a lot – I refuse to run indoors and I’d rather watch someone eat my hand than run on a treadmill…..I’m not going knock people that can do it, but my fave thing is running past fitness places, seeing people run on treadmills looking outside….WHY????……fresh air, even if it’s cold wins every time…

The goal, I think is to still keep running, something, everyday – as much as I can manage, this 63 year old body seems to need that 1 day off a week still – until January 1st 2022…….

I will be taking another half marathon virtual Running Room clinic, starting January 6th, just to keep me motivated and to keep my head in the game, I’m already taking one on Saturday mornings that end at the end of February, and I start instructing a virtual Learn to Run clinic on January 8th…..so I’m going to be busy…….

I am not really sure why I keep signing up for these virtual things, it’s not like I don’t already know what these instructors have to offer, a lot of the times I end up either being a guest speaker, or adding my own two cents over and over again and sharing a lot – like on here – but like a lot of others that sign up for everything, it’s all about that virtual commitment thing…looking for inspiration and motivation everywhere…

The plan is, besides the virtual clinics…dispite this blog thing…..is to start doing things with other people and to do some things that are out of my comfort zone…..

I don’t have a lot of spare time, but I may start doing the Monday morning November Project runs….that’s pretty much the only morning I can do, but trainng/running with other is something I’ve got to start doing, more of, be more public?

And Saturday morning Park Runs…again free, sponsored by Saucony..and a timed and measured 5K……I can do that, occationally….with the 2 virtual clinics, instructing, and attending, it’ll be hard to fit that in every week, but again, it’s making connections and running with people

I’m done registering for virtual runs and races, I wanna do in person…so may sign up for a few 5 and 10K runs, just to get that in person thing going as well……

My best years have begun with a January 1st 5K……so that’ll happen at Park Run……I usually, or have been doing it with friends in St. Albert, but for the past 2 years, that group has fallen apart…so at least with Park Run I have to go somewhere…

Today, the traction is on, I have a 4K run planned…I got passed like I was standing still yesterday – the joy of being old and slow – so will get that done, run, and the plan is set………..thanks for listening?