That felt good

not a bad run on a rainy day

I love impulse runs….I was bored, tired of digging through my fitness foundation material – interesting, but a lot of it, and I have 2 months to get through it all – so time for a fun run, through the soggy streets of Northern Alberta.

And it felt great……easy enough. A bit of a climb involved, and quicker than I expected.

I headed out with shoes I’ve been testing, maybe getting used, and it felt like a good day to give them another go.

Altras are a lot different from what I’m used to….zero drop/offset and not a lot of cushioning or support….the Paradigm..…as with the last few times I’ve used them, they feel clunking, really not the spring or energy return I’m used to…..and that zero drop was playing havoc with my Achilles…….

As in past runs in them, eventually they felt okay. I’m not sure if they help with a quicker turnover, maybe the speed…..the jury’s still out on that, and I’m not sure if I like the wider toe box…at first I liked that, but perhaps too much room?……In the coming weeks I’ll add the shoes to my rotation for some shorter runs….I do usually prefer support that the Brooks Adrenaline GTS gives me, or the Asics Nimbus… to compare…

The thing I really don’t like, possibly the only thing, I don’t like about running on a rainy day, is that I really have no idea what to wear….yes, I want to stay warm, possibly dry, at least for a while…but a jacket always, and it doesn’t matter which jacket, makes me over heat..or just feel uncomfortably warm…

Today I wore a Brooks jacket I think I won in a store contest years ago…I kept it on, it’s more of a bother either having to carry it, or then putting it back when I feel the need, I could have just started in the t-shirt, but, do I want to start cold?…….

Tomorrow’s time for a longer run…I’m promised the group Sundays will always at least begin with 10K…and I’ll add on if some want to go longer….I know some in the gang are aiming at a half marathon on August 21st, which means tomorrow the scheduled run should be 16K……..but, well, first, I know this because I’m aiming at the same event…..but second, she hasn’t told me what her longest run until today has been, but am guessing it’s less… tomorrow, will build on whatever and wherever she’s at, and add a few kilometers to the finish…..but, you talk, understand where everyone is at..and then we’ll go

It’s my Sunday..and then a swim to, well, just because and then back to the books, and as they say, it’s all about leadership.


the news sucks, so gotta turn that TV off

I should know better…..never, ever watch the news…..I just get hooked.

Instead of getting my ass outside, I woke up, and have been addicted to watching what’s going on in Ottawa today, and well, about 10 years later I finally said FU, flipped over to the Olympics, is where I should have begun…..something to inspire….

What gets me going when I haven’t got it…watching people doing stuff I could never hope to do, but tells my head…hells yah, get your butt out the door! You’ve a half marathon to do, and a full on marathon later!

Just rewatching Cassie Sharpe rock the freestyle today…I have no idea how these people do what they do, but how can you not watch and be inspired……

Spent some of today thinking about things as well…my shoes, the cold, the wind, all the ice all over the place….this is a slippery place to run……..I don’t think I’ve run at all for almost 3 months without some traction on, the winter grips aren’t even really working…….lately it’s been YakTrax on my Brooks Adrenalines……and I kinda like that…yep, the pins feel, or at least sound harsh at the points where there’s no ice to grab, and I’m still not sure what the springs do, but I keep moving, I’ve had a few quicker runs…..

The key is, it’s not a different shoe then I’d normally use, I just add some traction….they feel right, and unlike some traction aids, the YakTrax don’t crunch my toes together….so all good…

Lately the weather’s been an issue, not what you’d think, but too warm…I do not have an in-between jacket, so if it’s cold, my NB jacket is great, but as soon as it’s about -10C, it gets warm too quickly….

and yeah, I like Lululemon………does it make me look younger?

So, it seems like I look towards changing things up every week…but this weekend I have not a thing planned other than my virtual learn to run clinic tomorrow morning…we’re talking injuries, so should be interesting…..and a 4 maybe a 5K run early, and a spin on the bike trainer later on in the day….

and then Sunday, gotta lace up and go…..the schedule says 10K, maybe…..not sure where I’m going to start and finish, but I may go longer….I need to kick my butt in gear and get ready to go longer, and get used to the longer hours moving….

That BMO Vancouver isn’t going to run, gotta train, and if I want a good time, well, like yesterday, I’ve gotta do hill repeats, and Sundays, I’ve gotta go forever…right?