I’m still 63 and still running…I’m not too old

Yep, I’m a senior, I really can’t sing that Beatles Song anymorewhen I’m 64 – because I will be, on January 1st to be exact….OMG, I am going to be 64!!!!

I keep rethinking this,

I am older…..old, 63, almost 64…..I keep trying to figure out what that is….what that means…. –what does that mean?

I recently picked up a book by Jeff Galloway called Running until you’re 100 i Thought it was all about me…but reading it – I’ve tried a couple of times so far and failed – it makes me feel like, well, I’m almost dead, almost ready for a seniors home, I shouldn’t be running a lot, I should be taking a lot of naps…that ain’t..

Yes, I don’t always feel great, but that may because I fractured my head almost two and a half years ago!? Yes, the fracture is healed, the concussion is still doing what it needs to do…I feel a bit better, I don’t feel that early morning headache as much now, at least I don’t notice it…I know it’s there, but it’s better….

and I do have a few health issues I need to keep an eye on...how on earth do I have high cholesterol?.…..some say it may heredity, but we’ll see…..and I have an enlarged prostate, so I’m on drugs now that are supposed to help with that…shrink it…apparently it’s not unusual for someone my age, it just makes me want to pee ALL THE FUCKING TIME…..so hopefully this helps…it can’t hurt…the drug is timed released, and it’s supposed to make me dizzy..and yes it does..not all that great for a runner, but, so, I take it when I go to bed, and yes, some days I do feel a little dizzy…..but it hasn’t stopped me running..

The thing is, it’s not like I don’t know how to do stuff, I’ve run for about 26 years..I bike, I swim, I do weights, I do yoga……I have and still do…I’ve run and taken part in hundred of races…so this is me….I just run….

The hitting my head did throw a wrench into my life, and I’ve dealt with it..and still am…..but I still run..

Today’s run was a short and quick 5K….I’m not as quick as I was 26 years ago, I’d like to get my comfortable run pace to be 6:30 a kilometer….I’m hovering around or just under 7 minutes, and some of my shorter days, I’m there…so do-able..I just need to keep running and training….

Honestly, I feel good…happy, really happy…I seem to smile a lot, I have my moments, but I’m still able to do what I like to do…..run, swim, instruct clinics, lead run club runs….share, help, and be me……But what does being a 63 year old me, mean….

I have to admit, I didn’t start the day feeling great…..I woke up tired, and a little dizzy….and I was thinking about not running…I had planned to run, and then swim…..but, what the hell, I don’t have to feel great to run….and I didn’t feel great the whole time, but I love being able to run, and see this…

Running just makes you feel good….I’m not sure walking does the same……

I think I’m just going to push myself for as long as I can, and especially this, my 63rd year……make every day count……tomorrow I’ll run…then I’ll hit the gym for a bit, then go to work and sell shoes…..the weekend will include instructing one clinic, group leading another group, hopefully a few walks..and lots of good real food…

My previous post said that I was up to attempt this 75 Day Hard thing…I’m going to get my butt in gear and will do that, but, well, how about 262 days….just commit to making every one of 262 days towards 64 count?………and just the goal to stay active…yes, races and runs…I have a few planned, and I’m planning on thinking about all of that this weekend….some down time, but still doing stuff……I’ve a new Run Club I’m supposed to lead next Wednesday, I’ve got a trip to Vancouver at the end of the month, I’ll run lots there as well as the planned 8K…..and eat well……but you know what? as long as I keep active and at it, and everyday, better than I was…..

So the road to 64…..

66 Days. Hill repeat day!

yep its time…..to build up that character?

I actually love hills when they’re part of a training route, but, well, just running up and down the same hill, over and over again I don’t mind, but don’t love….

Today was just a short warm up, and then 4 repeats up a hill that’s about 600 meters…..not hard, I always find the more I do the easier it gets…and immediately after, I feel stronger, quicker……

The tuff right now, is my hill is slippery, and there’s snow, was snow……so another challenge, but as I keep telling myself, the harsher conditions will make me stronger one the snow’s gone, and that BMO Vancouver Marathon begins on May 1st.

As well as the hills, today was a bit about looking after myself.

My MD said I needed to get a couple of shots, one to prevent shingles, one to prevent pneumonia, so that was today. It was quick, painless, apparently I’m supposed to get a sore shoulder, and because two shots, two shoulders, tonight the sleep may be an issue…but at least I’m protected, so staying healthy….but that’s a lot of shots….I’ve got the 3 for COVID, and one for influenza….so I should be bullet proof.

Yes, I wear a Lululemon tuque…..it was warm…….the run was good, felt good, my legs felt a bit heavy at times, not sure if that was the legs or the vaccines doing their thing….the best part….coffee at my favorite place, Good Earth……

I’ve given up on getting rid of sugar, I’ve just cutting back…instead of 3 coffees in the morning, tea constantly before bed…just 1 and 1, and then lots of water…maybe some hot water……

Today was the type of day I loved….not as much time on the couch watching the news…the news is horrible, I know I should watch and stay informed – I am Ukrainian – but between just being out, running, getting the groceries….shoveling snow..

Tomorrow should be good…the only planned thing is fasting over night, then I’ve gotta go get my blood work done and a few other tests – part of that being healthy again –

I’m hoping to get a short run done, maybe a visit to the gym….and to get ready for a busy busy weekend…….

I get to begin leading a run club Sunday which has me kind of excited…..a new group, a new adventure….

I’m two months into my 63rd year, hard to believe I’ve been retired for only 8 years, there’s been so much life between then and now, I have a hard time remembering what came before, but I have to admit, I constantly worry about what comes next……..but I guess, what ever happens, will happen..