13 Days to Vancouver….I suck?

another day I didn’t run…should have, could have, didn’t…WTF!

I whined instead….no care giver, had a few house chores to do, and whined…..how bad does this suck, I’m watching Brittney Ran a Marathon or something…..instead of running…

Also followed a blogger who ran the Boston Marathon this morning….so instead of running, I watched the pros, cheering others on, and didn’t….

I’m the king of lists, the king of making to do lists, and not doing anything on that list…

Seriously, what is wrong with me…….years ago my life was get up and go….why can’t I do that now…..?

I was better the older I get…how do I get back to that………?

The goal was the Vancouver, the BMO Vancouver Half Marathon…..now, the 8K?

I have no excuses, sometimes just life, but it seems like, going nowhere fast?

It’s spring, summer’s coming…I’m instructing others on how to do this stuff…but, I cannot get myself to get going……I’m leading two Run Groups?….I can encourage and cheer on others, just not myself?

I have a lot on my plate…so many opportunities, I have options, and time….I just need to get my head and my ass into the game…but how?

Going back to Vancouver, I’m hoping will kick start my brain…..I really need that, a reboot…that’s only two weeks away……but will that work?

The list for this week…a run first thing before breakfast, 5 hours at the Running Room, then at 6PM, Run Club at the Sturgeon Valley Athletic Club……….so busy, but doing things I like…but will I?

Wednesday, a swim, a noon-hour spin class and then the Running Room Run Club in the evening…..I may have loaded up the plate, but years ago, I would look forward to that……..I’ve gotta commit!

Thursday….a bit of strength work, a short run…hopefully a swim…..

I’m planning joining a walking group in the afternoon, but maybe…….

Friday, strength at the Club early…..another 5 hours at the store….and then the weekend…….running, instructing my virtual clinic, yoga, and then a run with the club on Sunday, and a swim

A lot of stuff….I just have to do…will I?

My recent history, doesn’t sound good……..I load up the plate, and cannot eat it all….how do I fix that?

Tuesday is another day…..the morning run doesn’t have to be far, it just has to be..

I know…..I’m older…..I do have a few issues…..a little over weight, high cholesterol, and enlarged prostate…..and I’m always tired………but, well, when I am active, I feel great, positive…..happy..

I don’t know how I get out of this funk…but, well, I have to…I have to make every day count, and know that, I’m only a year and a half away from 65……this has got to be my time…and I have to enjoy, and focus on enjoying life…..

Today, yeah, frustrated, there was a bit of a hiccup today, that I need to get over……tomorrow’s another day, another chance to start fresh……I need to give myself permission I guess…to be happy?

Anyway, tomorrow

66 Days. Hill repeat day!

yep its time…..to build up that character?

I actually love hills when they’re part of a training route, but, well, just running up and down the same hill, over and over again I don’t mind, but don’t love….

Today was just a short warm up, and then 4 repeats up a hill that’s about 600 meters…..not hard, I always find the more I do the easier it gets…and immediately after, I feel stronger, quicker……

The tuff right now, is my hill is slippery, and there’s snow, was snow……so another challenge, but as I keep telling myself, the harsher conditions will make me stronger one the snow’s gone, and that BMO Vancouver Marathon begins on May 1st.

As well as the hills, today was a bit about looking after myself.

My MD said I needed to get a couple of shots, one to prevent shingles, one to prevent pneumonia, so that was today. It was quick, painless, apparently I’m supposed to get a sore shoulder, and because two shots, two shoulders, tonight the sleep may be an issue…but at least I’m protected, so staying healthy….but that’s a lot of shots….I’ve got the 3 for COVID, and one for influenza….so I should be bullet proof.

Yes, I wear a Lululemon tuque…..it was warm…….the run was good, felt good, my legs felt a bit heavy at times, not sure if that was the legs or the vaccines doing their thing….the best part….coffee at my favorite place, Good Earth……

I’ve given up on getting rid of sugar, I’ve just cutting back…instead of 3 coffees in the morning, tea constantly before bed…just 1 and 1, and then lots of water…maybe some hot water……

Today was the type of day I loved….not as much time on the couch watching the news…the news is horrible, I know I should watch and stay informed – I am Ukrainian – but between just being out, running, getting the groceries….shoveling snow..

Tomorrow should be good…the only planned thing is fasting over night, then I’ve gotta go get my blood work done and a few other tests – part of that being healthy again –

I’m hoping to get a short run done, maybe a visit to the gym….and to get ready for a busy busy weekend…….

I get to begin leading a run club Sunday which has me kind of excited…..a new group, a new adventure….

I’m two months into my 63rd year, hard to believe I’ve been retired for only 8 years, there’s been so much life between then and now, I have a hard time remembering what came before, but I have to admit, I constantly worry about what comes next……..but I guess, what ever happens, will happen..


the news sucks, so gotta turn that TV off

I should know better…..never, ever watch the news…..I just get hooked.

Instead of getting my ass outside, I woke up, and have been addicted to watching what’s going on in Ottawa today, and well, about 10 years later I finally said FU, flipped over to the Olympics, is where I should have begun…..something to inspire….

What gets me going when I haven’t got it…watching people doing stuff I could never hope to do, but tells my head…hells yah, get your butt out the door! You’ve a half marathon to do, and a full on marathon later!

Just rewatching Cassie Sharpe rock the freestyle today…I have no idea how these people do what they do, but how can you not watch and be inspired……

Spent some of today thinking about things as well…my shoes, the cold, the wind, all the ice all over the place….this is a slippery place to run……..I don’t think I’ve run at all for almost 3 months without some traction on, the winter grips aren’t even really working…….lately it’s been YakTrax on my Brooks Adrenalines……and I kinda like that…yep, the pins feel, or at least sound harsh at the points where there’s no ice to grab, and I’m still not sure what the springs do, but I keep moving, I’ve had a few quicker runs…..

The key is, it’s not a different shoe then I’d normally use, I just add some traction….they feel right, and unlike some traction aids, the YakTrax don’t crunch my toes together….so all good…

Lately the weather’s been an issue, not what you’d think, but too warm…I do not have an in-between jacket, so if it’s cold, my NB jacket is great, but as soon as it’s about -10C, it gets warm too quickly….

and yeah, I like Lululemon………does it make me look younger?

So, it seems like I look towards changing things up every week…but this weekend I have not a thing planned other than my virtual learn to run clinic tomorrow morning…we’re talking injuries, so should be interesting…..and a 4 maybe a 5K run early, and a spin on the bike trainer later on in the day….

and then Sunday, gotta lace up and go…..the schedule says 10K, maybe…..not sure where I’m going to start and finish, but I may go longer….I need to kick my butt in gear and get ready to go longer, and get used to the longer hours moving….

That BMO Vancouver isn’t going to run itself..so, gotta train, and if I want a good time, well, like yesterday, I’ve gotta do hill repeats, and Sundays, I’ve gotta go forever…right?

A day of depression…77 days to BMO Vancouver

yeah, it’s Sunday, I skipped another long run (or am skipping) and just feel like nothing….it’s sunny, it’s a beautiful day outside, it looks warm, but, my head is saying….let’s just watch TV, the news, yay the Olympics and maybe the Super Bowl……but, not feeling good, positive or happy.

I guess Monday’s going to become my long run day……..I keep trying to find things to boost my morning enthusiasm, this post concussion syndrome doesn’t help……..I’m reading, watching, listening, everything…I just signed up for a short race next Sunday, because?……..but the get up and go, even though I have no problem trying to encourage others, I just feel down and out…….

Is it age, is it life, winter? life…….having the goal of a half marathon in 77 days is kind of exciting…..Vancouver, my idea of heaven

where I’m staying is where I’ve wanted to forever…..I’m looking ahead to Victoria in October, but maybe if there’s anything in Vancouver I’ll think I’d rather be there again….just because

I’ll post later today, maybe this will get better once I get outside, but right now, nothin’

Towards the BMO Vancouver Half Marathon

This is where training for a spring half marathon gets tricky……the temperature outside my window is a balmy -25C, with something called a windchill it’s supposed to feel like -36C, which is almost exactly -37C and almost the coldest place on the planet…….which means running outside is a challenge…

This is what my training plan for this week will look like this:

MondayOFFAfter 9 runs in 10 days, needed to recover…
TuesdayBike Trainer 1 hour 3K short run maybeMay try a short run later on, but at -37C, the risk of frost bite may keep me in-doors
Wednesday3K Run earlyIt may warm up, but have to do something
Thursday4K Run, swim 1200 meter swimIt’s supposed to warm up, and I need my head to hit that water
Friday5K RunMay add a short swim for recovery
Saturday5K Resolution Run and a 1 hour spinI turn 63, so yeah, gotta run…it’s a tradition…
Sunday7K long and effortlessTo finish the week off

I’ll modify as the week progresses….it’s still just building that base, and starting off the race specific 18 week plan on January 2nd, so next Monday…..

I know I should get in touch with running in-doors on a track or a treadmill……but will not do that. I hate being in-doors at the best of times, with this cold, those in-door tracks will be busy, and I’d have to drive – along with the cold and snow, the roads are pretty slippery, so if I have a choice, nah.

I don’t own a treadmill, and I’ve never liked running on them. Yes, it’s training, yes it’s a need to, but, well, boring….and dull, and I hate them.

I’m never going to knock people that use tracks and treadmills, I understand that need. I have friends that only train on treadmills and bike trainers to prevent injuries, but, well, I do this stuff for enjoyment, and if I don’t enjoy it, I won’t do anything….

I miss in-door group spin classes…they were fun, and the group was as important as the instructor…I do love my bike, and I can distract myself with YouTube videos and staring at ZWIFT….not all that exciting, but I do get some benefit, and it’s doing something..still boring…but at -37C, you do whatever you can do….

so this week’s goal?……just stay active, keep to a plan..and realize that the work will begin next Monday?

I will spend the rest of the week working on the 18 week plan……I do want to do as much cross training as possible. So Mondays will become bike and swim days……….possibly Wednesdays as well. My hill and speed day will be Thursdays, which will give me time to recover for long run Sundays…….and will probably add swimming as often as possible…..for recovery, for mental heath maybe…….weights and yoga?….there’s really not enough time in the day, but maybe once or twice a week, thinking Mondays and Fridays, to be consistant, will keep that foam roller handy as well…..

So today, Tuesday December 28th…….I’ll be on the bike right away for an hour……..and tonight, maybe a short run before dinner, but may make that optional….

And for the rest…..I have a virtual Learn to Run clinic up coming for the Running Room coming up soon, so will work on that curriculum, nailing down a few guest speakers, and I guess will lay out my 18 week training plan………..

and yes, I am looking forward to this hill!

Vancouver’s Booked, time to train!

So May 1st is 131 days away……

Can I run a Half Marathon, and train for it….and fly to Vancouver to do that half…

I’ve done it often………and Vancouver is my favorite place on the planet…

My head has been, well funny…..is this concussion ever going to be done?…..I’m into my 3rd year, and it at times seems to be getting better, the toughest part of my day is the first start of the day, the head just hurts and right now for some reason…..it’s kind of more the upper back of the head today, rather than just behind the eyes.

The rest of me feels kind of good……running feels good, no issues, nothing hurts…I’m nowhere near where I want to be speed wise – at one time in my life, it doesn’t seem that long ago, 5:30 per kilometer, now I’m lucky if I break 7 minutes….I know it’s age, and I know it’s the conditions…lots of ice……so maybe once everything melts I’ll be fine……there are a few other, okay, one other health issue that I can’t figure…..I’ve mentioned this before, more snot and phlegm then any man should have…..I feel like a camel, I blow snot rocks and spit almost continuously, and if I don’t, I end up gaging and having to do all that anyway…

Last week was good, the week before better, this week is beginning okay……..today was effortless even, I thought I was quicker, and the ice was a challenge, but, felt good, during

I don’t look happy do I?…..but I was smiling at some points, and maybe inside….I ran on a short off road section which was good and sweet, and took a few turns on the paved trails that I hadn’t been for a while, and – surprise suprise – I managed to get lost at one point for a few minutes….

I’m still having to use my DueNorth Everyday traction aids again, and now that I know how to put them on properly, they seem to work great..I love the feel of those pins digging into ice, it just feels so comfortable and secure……no chance, nit a chance on falling…and with my Brooks Adrenalines’ I still get the support/guidence I need for my pronation issues, and my gait doesn’t change….so good, and hopefully once I get to run on bare tarmac, the speed will pick up.

I’m tempted to try a few of my other shoe options in the days to come this week…it’s still too slippery to go without traction, so my Saucony Peregrines will have to wait, but maybe I’ll test out the Brooks Levitates tomorrow with YakTrax and see what happens……they don’t have the support of the Adrenaline, but, with the traction, and mostly running on snow and ice and some trails, I think I’ll be fine….

In May 2022, I wanna see this view for 3 days..and I wanna run something……so the training begins, now to commit!