Brooks Brooks and recovery!

yeah, this is a down morning….

one of the only things I seem to need as an older person is rest and recovery..some morning’s it’s forced. If you’re too sore to get out of bed, maybe that’s a sign….so today, those chores I’ve putting off, and, well feel okay about that.

And yes, I’ve been adding to my shoe collection……I don’t know why I explore other shoes, because I always seem to go back to this shoe, the Brooks Adrenaline.…this is the Adrenaline GTS 22…I used to think that the GTS stood for Go To Shoe, but now it’s Go To Stability, but I find word kind of a misnomer, whenever people think of stability they think of the standard medial post support that some shoes have, but Brooks stood the concept on it’s head (and I see other brands, ASICS for instance, are following that lead)…their stability shoes guide rather than force, which is probably why they work so well…also I over pronate on one foot, and under pronate on the other….and this as well as the ASICS Nimbus 24 address that same issue/issues…..I want to say that the HOKA ARAHI 6 does as well, but, well, it’s close…

As someone that sells shoes, under pronation/supination has always been a challenge, because no shoe really addressed people with higher archers….we used to just say, take a neutral shoe and hope for the best….

I just used my ASICS at the BMO Vancouver this past weekend, and I like the bounciness, they felt sweet, but at one point I could feel the over pronation putting pressure on that big toe….this week, tested out these Adrenalines, no issues… great..

Not saying the other two aren’t sweet shoes…the only issue with the HOKA is what happens whenever you put stability into a shoe, you end up losing some of the cushioning, and with this edition, I really noticed that….I’m going to give the HOKA BONDI carbon fiber shoe just because, everyone should have something with carbon fiber in it, and a $300 shoe, why not?

The weekend looks sweet……running, Run Club….maybe swim and a spin on the bike….and well, maybe some yard work?

Today was much needed though…rest, recovery……and a chance for a bit of re-set..and seriously lots of work on this lap top………tracking down guest speakers, lots of emails, chats….all good…

that’ll give me lots of time to just play !…and I guess it’s time to figure out what comes next…….I was planning on a Victoria full marathon in the fall after a really active summer…but, well, maybe?


48 Days to BMO Vancouver.

If it wasn’t fun, why would you do anything?

A great two days…today even better.

yesterday, a SVAC Run Club with a friend…a fun 6K……I should have gone after for another 8K, but I guess I saved that for today…

It was another odd run… one point, I was just going to go for a random run from home, or nothing at all…but got dressed, headed for the Edmonton River Valley…a 30 minute drive, got out of the car, and just ran….picked an familiar regular route….it’s like having a favorite bar…..a place that’s familiar and comfortable….well, as comfortable as a run can be…and enjoyable

I was going to go for 12K, but you know, when you finish, you know you’re finished…and it felt so good…even the icy patches…..

It must be getting close to spring though… YakTrax have just about done their anyone that’s ever owned a pair know, as soon as you’re on pavement/tarmac/asphalt the springs and pins start to break and fall apart…that’s fine, they have a lifetime, and I’ll worry about new next winter!

I’m hoping that as soon as the ice and snow disappears, that all the hard work over the winter will pay off…….I’m also tired wearing an awful lot of clothes…today wasn’t bad, but I need shorts and short sleeves………

clothes, much like routes, seem to become routine, comfortable. I think I’ve had this top for something like 3 years….swag from a race, a good race too….and it’s always nice when it made by Lulu…..

my fave Brooks tights, they’re starting to get worn, it’s been a bit of a challenge to find anything else…I like tight, I hate baggy….and a small zippered pocket in the back just the right size for a key or better yet, a key fob…..

any my handy dandy Garmin 945..….lots on it, I don’t think I’ll ever use everything it has to offer…but, it does what I need for multi sport………altitude or whatever, all I need is maybe pace, time, distance…..leg turnover and heart rate is nice to look at afterwards……

and time for new shoes…the Adrenalines have done their time over the winter…I do have winter specific Saucony Peregrines, but these fit into the traction aids perfectly, I’ll probably go back to Hoka’s once the ice is all gone……but I have to admit I’m thinking of switching things up…but nah, for the half marathon, yeah, Hoka’s just sound right for a long run….

this is going to be a challenge….my water belt….I don’t always want to lug around a hydration pack, this is enough……to keep me hydrated if I need, zippered pockets for whatever……this is about 10 years old, or older from MEC, but no one seems to make them anymore, so I’m sort of screwed…….am searching the internet….fingers crossed…..

Tomorrow evening, a SVAC Run Club night after a day at the office…hopefully a busy day at the office…it seems lots of people are being money careful…the cost of living is going up… think it’ll be a quiet place for a while…but, the weather’s getting warmer, more people will get outside, and we have a huge amount of new stock coming in…..maybe war will be over, peace will break out…..and we’ll just run?

Vancouver’s BMO Half Marathon is getting closer…….I have to work on my race day plan…..