life is stressful. running shouldn’t be

Currently I’m on hold. Have been for two hours, trying to resolve an issue with a charge on a credit card.

I had planned on a 16K training run with morning, and well, that ain’t happening, this is a part of life that has to be dealt with, and can’t wait.

Yes frustraiting. This is the only time this morning I have for this training run….what to do?

Stress, this causes stress, but, what can you do? Nothing…..breath deeply, really it’s life. Can I take care of this run later today – probably not – later this week..sure. It’s not the end of the world.

Instructing clinics I hear this a lot….I don’t have time, my life is so busy, work and life keeps getting in the way?

I have the same complaint…work, family, and waiting on hold. Yard work, I need to stain a fence and clear off a garden…

I also need to run, bike and swim…when? and grrrr, I’m still on hold.

A training plan is a long term thing…one hiccup, one day, one run won’t derails that.

Also, decided what’s important….that child’s school concert?….that day at work, that family dinner, vs that run?…..and easy equation isn’t it.

A week is a huge thing too right?…If jotted down on that calendar everthing that had to be in there, as well as, well, sleep…are their times, spots when there’s nothing?….Bingo huh?

The cool thing about running, you can do it anywhere, anytime….swimming, maybe not, but, biking sure?

I do that pretty much every week, list what I can’t change, commitments that have been made….and then look at my training plan…..and then decide if maybe I’ve aimed at something that just isn’t possible with my life…so, if I can only run a half marathon instead of a full, would that be the end of the world?….If I can only do a sprint triathlon instead of an Ironman, well, that’s just the hand I’ve been dealt.

Today for instance, a 16K run and a visit to the gym for some strength training has taken a hit…, time to look at the rest of the week, and see if I can change it up to take care of this missed run…….it’s not the end of the world, that race will still happen, and hopefully I’m not on hold forever…

What to do when you don’t feel like running

Or anything… two of that?

The week started well, but just seems that my get up and go has got up and left….after 3 really good days?

I slept in, didn’t really want to get out of bed..and yes, this personal training course is taking some time….learning stuff and a lot of stuff I’m not sure I agree with…but this course will get me to where I want to go, so worth it, and I’ve two months, lots and lots of reading … so all good…..

How do you motivate yourself and not fall in love with that couch?

This happens…and I think it’s just the head and the body saying no. I’m feeling a few things, I want to try and figure out a schedule (it’s been a while since I’ve had homework) and decide how much time everyday to put into my studying and doing my assignments. I’m the kind of person that something will just take over my life, and if anything derails that, I get frustrated, angry at everything and everyone. Which is why running, biking, being active helps…..

Also I want to plan the summer…..what do I want to do, what’s the goal .

The half marathon is do-able, I’ve got time…..21K is always do-able……but I like doing other things?….so do I want to aim at other things, but just do those on the days I don’t run….how do I make this work?

I know at this point in my life what works, what doesn’t and what I need to do, but I’ve never been 63 before…….so, I guess that is today………rest, recover again, work on this weekend and next week’s plan (I just have to fill in the boxes) ……so this will be the basics

saturdayRun 5K Steady (may do the 5K Park Run)       and maybe bike?
sundaySVAC Run Club Run 16K slow then work 12 to 530
mondayspin and stretch class then swim 1000 meters
tuesdayWork 9:30 to 2PM    SVAC Run Club 5K tempo (whether I want to or not)
wednesdayRunning Room Run Club 7K Steady
thursdayHill or stair repeats         swim 1000 meters – instruct virtual 10K clinic
fridayWork 1030 to 730
SaturdayOFF ( if possible will run a 5 Peaks off road race)
SundaySVAC Run Club 12K  work 12 – 530 (bike)

Some of this is a bit up in the air (not sure if I’m home with the kids Saturday or able to race) and I’m planning on giving myself 1 hour of each day except for Friday to get my personal fitness trainer studying done….one of the days should be a rest day… least a part of Wednesday will be….and I need to add some spin classes or just biking outside somewhere, but, well…..we’ll see.

Leaving Vancouver thoughts about a future?

This was over way too quickly…..arrived Friday, worked all day Saturday, ran and wondered around what I consider heaven until now…tomorrow, I fly away home…

I guess it’s time to choose a goal, but how about a goal of just keeping myself on track, enjoying life, I want to make this a summer of getting more social, more family stuff, more working around the house, spending time in the neighbourhood…….and to keep on with what’s feeling great…working the store, instructing clinics, and managing the two run clubs….that’s keeping me busy…

I seriously want to get better at what I do…this blog…focus more on stuff rather than just me….

and the clubs, the clinics, more active, more me…so some less me, some more…maybe coaching training, and at the same time training me……longer Sunday runs, more active throughout the week..pick up the pace with more hill repeats, some speed work…..running with my faster friends…..being consistent, and most of all, enjoying life…

‘m following Sarah McLachlan?

Life is pretty good…every day seems to feel good, every day better….

and every day is a chance to get better and better…

a few 10Ks to look forward to, a half marathon in August, and I am registered for a full in October, but?….it’d be nice to get back here as well… let’s see what’s happening in Vancouver at the same time….