What to do when you don’t feel like running

Or anything…..day two of that?

The week started well, but just seems that my get up and go has got up and left….after 3 really good days?

I slept in, didn’t really want to get out of bed..and yes, this personal training course is taking some time….learning stuff and a lot of stuff I’m not sure I agree with…but this course will get me to where I want to go, so worth it, and I’ve two months, lots and lots of reading … so all good…..

How do you motivate yourself and not fall in love with that couch?

This happens…and I think it’s just the head and the body saying no. I’m feeling a few things, I want to try and figure out a schedule (it’s been a while since I’ve had homework) and decide how much time everyday to put into my studying and doing my assignments. I’m the kind of person that something will just take over my life, and if anything derails that, I get frustrated, angry at everything and everyone. Which is why running, biking, being active helps…..

Also I want to plan the summer…..what do I want to do, what’s the goal .

The half marathon is do-able, I’ve got time…..21K is always do-able……but I like doing other things?….so do I want to aim at other things, but just do those on the days I don’t run….how do I make this work?

I know at this point in my life what works, what doesn’t and what I need to do, but I’ve never been 63 before…….so, I guess that is today………rest, recover again, work on this weekend and next week’s plan (I just have to fill in the boxes) ……so this will be the basics

saturdayRun 5K Steady (may do the 5K Park Run)       and maybe bike?
sundaySVAC Run Club Run 16K slow then work 12 to 530
mondayspin and stretch class then swim 1000 meters
tuesdayWork 9:30 to 2PM    SVAC Run Club 5K tempo (whether I want to or not)
wednesdayRunning Room Run Club 7K Steady
thursdayHill or stair repeats         swim 1000 meters – instruct virtual 10K clinic
fridayWork 1030 to 730
SaturdayOFF ( if possible will run a 5 Peaks off road race)
SundaySVAC Run Club 12K  work 12 – 530 (bike)

Some of this is a bit up in the air (not sure if I’m home with the kids Saturday or able to race) and I’m planning on giving myself 1 hour of each day except for Friday to get my personal fitness trainer studying done….one of the days should be a rest day…..at least a part of Wednesday will be….and I need to add some spin classes or just biking outside somewhere, but, well…..we’ll see.

Planning Day by Day

Oh boy, I have a day off tomorrow!!!?…..

One day…really, I have lots of days off this week, but tomorrow is a day when I have a ton to do…and have to try and squeeze in a work out or two….that’s life.

I try and squeeze things in always…..today, a long day at the running room store, so a bike ride to the store, a bike ride home, and a run club this evening..so that works…

Tomorrow? I just have to shuffle what’s important, what’s not, and what can wait…and if I don’t run tomorrow, I won’t have time until Saturday (OMG!)……I need to get into a pool, I need to get on the bike, and I want to do a spin class, and do some strength training…..grrrrr……

I’m still pretty worn out after Sunday, and the flight home yesterday….so, I’m thinking I may blow off the spin tomorrow, but, well, I’m thinking about it…I can do strength on Friday morning?…or do I bike to work?

It’s Thursday morning?……..yeah, I’m going to run…maybe swim..and then will use the afternoon to do the being a dad, a husband, and a son stuff done…….