As I’m pulling up dandelions

A rest and recovery day.

So why not spend it pulling up what I’m told are not weeds…..

This is getting tough….

Not a lot of hours at the store selling shoes – I guess lots of sales, but also a lot of staff needing hours, but whatever….I’ll use the time to train….I’ve still got 3 Run Clubs to keep organized, and hope people show up, some days are great, some not so, but at least there’s always a run, and yeah, will continue instructing virtual clinics……finish one, begin the next……

and races are coming up that I’d like to do…will see how the life schedule works out…

I am in training, I wanna do lots of stuff, as much as I can, and be a dad and a husband at the same time….

there’s only one thing that I guess depresses me….yeah, married with kids, but, I can’t say I actually have a friend.

yeah yeah, I run with people, I occasionally work with people, and well, there’s Facebook, but someone, anyone I’d call my BFF……..not sure why that is?……..hey, I think I have friends…time to get more social?

I guess I’m just not someone anyone wants to be friends with….

Sometimes being alone is cool, you feel a little content…….but, 63, and no one, is kind of odd…and way too often, lonely….

It just is what it is?

I’m sore in a lot of places today…’s after a good week, maybe even a great week……looking forward to tomorrow, and next week……looks like I’m going to have a lot of spare time in June to train and do what I want…….so that’s good, maybe my goal should be not to do it all on my own….

I’m a Senior Runner..I’m 63.5

This is what old looks like. Who knew?

I’m 592 days away from entering a new age group….when did this happen.

I don’t feel 63, I don’t want to be 63 (do I have a choice?)

I have no idea how to work with being, well, in my 60s? What are the rules? how am I supposed to dress? how am I supposed to act? What music am I allowed to listen to?

And the big thing…the big elephant in the room?

What are the rules I need to know as a senior runner, as a triathlete?

I’ve been digging through the ‘net, reading everything I can find (there ain’t much) a few books help, a bit…but either they’re aimed at someone in their 50s, or they spend a lot of time explaining that we have to be gentle, be careful, and take a lot of naps….I ain’t going there…

can I get faster…….older yet faster?…will dig into it?

Jeff Galloway’s Running until You’re 100 seems interesting too….but, do I take everything with a grain of salt..everyone is different?……

I do have goals…I always look at different training plans….yes the goal is a half marathon in August, I wanna go for a 2 hour half….and then in October, Victoria, I want to break 4 hours…not huge goals, but, I’m well on my way to turning 64?……can I and how do I?

I know, just by current experience, I have to make sure I recover and rest; I need to watch my nutrition, and yeah, that recovery thing……

I’m feeling that today……I managed to run 3 days in a row, nothing crazy; a 10K, a couple of 5Ks, I’ll hit the gym tomorrow for a bit of strength training, which should help with everything else..then maybe a run later in the day to make up for not running today….and then Sunday it’ll be time to go long…..

Is there a training schedule a workout schedule for me?…at my age? I’ve yet to find one for myself…

The struggle right now is to try and fit everything in..and still rest…..

this is my sort of focuses on people in their 50s, whom are just kids, but older faster stronger, sure…

I have to say, for the most part I feel okay…as I’ve posted before, the training and running from the Sturgeon Valley Athletic Club (SVAC) has helped…it’s a pretty positive place, I like the weight room, and those that have been joining in with the run club has helped my emotions, I feel positive…….the Running Room Run Club on Wednesdays is great too…..there’s a lot of planning, emails, posts……but, well I like the work…

I’ve got to work on the stretching and foam rolling..I think the strength training is helping……but it’s the social thing……..

So tonight, sleep, strength tomorrow morning, a run in the evening…….Saturday I’ve got my virtual Running Room run clinic to instruct, with a guest speaker talking about the power of foam rolling, and then a run, or maybe it’s time to get the bike rolling for a short bit….then Sunday, the SVAC Sunday morning run club, I better figure out the distances…….and then chill…..maybe a walk, but, it’d be nice to get the bike out as well…I’ll post……

Do I feel old….YES….I’m sore, I take a while to recover, there are days when I’m not sure I do……the legs hurt and ache a bit right now……the concussion does feel a bit better, I don’t wake up with a headache so that’s good…but, well, every so often, it reminds me, that the fracture, the head, still has to be looked after….but, well, what’s normal, what’s good, what’s right…so, yep, still exploring..and how do I get quicker?

So, tomorrow…let’s see what tomorrow brings..

Brooks Brooks and recovery!

yeah, this is a down morning….

one of the only things I seem to need as an older person is rest and recovery..some morning’s it’s forced. If you’re too sore to get out of bed, maybe that’s a sign….so today, those chores I’ve putting off, and, well feel okay about that.

And yes, I’ve been adding to my shoe collection……I don’t know why I explore other shoes, because I always seem to go back to this shoe, the Brooks Adrenaline.…this is the Adrenaline GTS 22…I used to think that the GTS stood for Go To Shoe, but now it’s Go To Stability, but I find word kind of a misnomer, whenever people think of stability they think of the standard medial post support that some shoes have, but Brooks stood the concept on it’s head (and I see other brands, ASICS for instance, are following that lead)…their stability shoes guide rather than force, which is probably why they work so well…also I over pronate on one foot, and under pronate on the other….and this as well as the ASICS Nimbus 24 address that same issue/issues…..I want to say that the HOKA ARAHI 6 does as well, but, well, it’s close…

As someone that sells shoes, under pronation/supination has always been a challenge, because no shoe really addressed people with higher archers….we used to just say, take a neutral shoe and hope for the best….

I just used my ASICS at the BMO Vancouver this past weekend, and I like the bounciness, they felt sweet, but at one point I could feel the over pronation putting pressure on that big toe….this week, tested out these Adrenalines, no issues… great..

Not saying the other two aren’t sweet shoes…the only issue with the HOKA is what happens whenever you put stability into a shoe, you end up losing some of the cushioning, and with this edition, I really noticed that….I’m going to give the HOKA BONDI carbon fiber shoe just because, everyone should have something with carbon fiber in it, and a $300 shoe, why not?

The weekend looks sweet……running, Run Club….maybe swim and a spin on the bike….and well, maybe some yard work?

Today was much needed though…rest, recovery……and a chance for a bit of re-set..and seriously lots of work on this lap top………tracking down guest speakers, lots of emails, chats….all good…

that’ll give me lots of time to just play !…and I guess it’s time to figure out what comes next…….I was planning on a Victoria full marathon in the fall after a really active summer…but, well, maybe?


20 Days; Head Hurts a rest day

this was me 2 and a half years ago…the result of being stupid and running without traction on a really icy day…..I no longer look like that, but the concussion continues to be an issue… reminds me that it’s still there, and when I’ve over done things…so today, a rest day, I’m no longer superman.

I’ve had an amazing 7 days in a row, so a day of rest makes sense…there may be a swim and a walk later today, some foam rolling, yoga…and maybe a nap.

I keep thinking I’m over this, and usually a day of training seems to help…but right after yesterday’s run, the head started to hurt…today it feel like it’s dead center on to of the head, and behind the eyes…..

I was warned, if I didn’t look after myself, let myself heal, the recovery may be a long and prolonged recovery.

I did, but, oh well…..I struggle along..

The toughest thing is reminding myself that I’m older, and still injured…it was a very traumatic injury….I’m remined of that every time I tell someone that I did fracture my skull and see the looks of those faces….yeah, I did come close to killing myself, but, I didn’t……..but over 2 years has become pretty frustrating, it’s sort of like getting older, there’s nothing I can do about it, I just have to keep it in mind.

So, will spend today chilling, planning, and realizing that this is where getting better and stronger happens, rest and recovery……so will have to build that into my getting quicker plan……Mondays seem to work best, so today…chill….