life is stressful. running shouldn’t be

Currently I’m on hold. Have been for two hours, trying to resolve an issue with a charge on a credit card.

I had planned on a 16K training run with morning, and well, that ain’t happening, this is a part of life that has to be dealt with, and can’t wait.

Yes frustraiting. This is the only time this morning I have for this training run….what to do?

Stress, this causes stress, but, what can you do? Nothing…..breath deeply, really it’s life. Can I take care of this run later today – probably not – later this week..sure. It’s not the end of the world.

Instructing clinics I hear this a lot….I don’t have time, my life is so busy, work and life keeps getting in the way?

I have the same complaint…work, family, and waiting on hold. Yard work, I need to stain a fence and clear off a garden…

I also need to run, bike and swim…when? and grrrr, I’m still on hold.

A training plan is a long term thing…one hiccup, one day, one run won’t derails that.

Also, decided what’s important….that child’s school concert?….that day at work, that family dinner, vs that run?…..and easy equation isn’t it.

A week is a huge thing too right?…If jotted down on that calendar everthing that had to be in there, as well as, well, sleep…are their times, spots when there’s nothing?….Bingo huh?

The cool thing about running, you can do it anywhere, anytime….swimming, maybe not, but, biking sure?

I do that pretty much every week, list what I can’t change, commitments that have been made….and then look at my training plan…..and then decide if maybe I’ve aimed at something that just isn’t possible with my life…so, if I can only run a half marathon instead of a full, would that be the end of the world?….If I can only do a sprint triathlon instead of an Ironman, well, that’s just the hand I’ve been dealt.

Today for instance, a 16K run and a visit to the gym for some strength training has taken a hit…, time to look at the rest of the week, and see if I can change it up to take care of this missed run…….it’s not the end of the world, that race will still happen, and hopefully I’m not on hold forever…

Leading the group ride..cross training

This is what I do…I initiate?….After Wednesday’s run in the sun

we started talking about bike riding; the enxt I knew I was planning a bike ride for some of us, well, this morning…mapping out a route, figuring who in the group was capable of what, that comfort zone, and riding….always looking over my shoulder to make sure all we’re still there, and figuring out the route as we went along. pix from today’s ride….there was some rain, and I hate taking photos with this IPhone. i like having the phone with me just in case…but I like the good old hand held camera that I can take a pix with one hand quickly…..wish the apple was like that..too many steps everytime you need to catch something quickly, and not really hand held friendly…I’m terrified of dropping the thing.

The ride was a pretty simple 31K….and the rain stayed away for most of it…we all got soaked at the end, and the one person in the group said she enjoyed the ride….I was worried about her on the huge downhill, and then the few up hills, but she was fine….

I promised them a 16K run tomorrow…hope they all understand the long effortless distance thing, otherwise I may be dead……

So, today’s to do list, map out 16K……should be fun, and hopefully we have a large group tomorrow.

It’s interesting that people look to me to do this…seriously, where would they run if I wasn’t drawing this stuff all out?………it’s always, ‘Warren, where do we turn, where are we, where are we going, warren I thought you said it was 10K?’….but I guess it’s what I do….

I have to admit that I’m tired…really bone weary tired today, it’s been a busy few weeks…….I’ve been sleeping well, no headaches, so the concussion maybe history?….and I don’t think I’ve over trained…..I’ve taken a step away from my Foundations in Fitness training with Alberta Fitness…….may start up and get my act together in September (which is like a week away) and put in a serious daily effort…there’s so much to learn, I’m just not sure which is relevant to where I am and want to be…I just want to put that certified word after my name…..but well, an effort is an effort, I’ve learned so much so far (I now know what all those joints, muscle groups and ligaments are supposed to do….)…..

I’ve actually had a few frustraiting weeks/months…getting the run groups built up, figuring how to get people into them, and letting others know we have them……and to figure out how to attract people….I have had moments of maybe giving up…depression is me……but, well, a man must carry on, and quiting, giving up isn’t me, way too often I just load myself up with even more to keep me invested and active…..

and it all gets me out of the house………..wonder if that’s the point?

Back pain stopped the run

before it started really….

felt okay this morning….went to my SVAC (Sturgeon Valley Athletic Club) for this morning’s run club, there was only 5 of us, 3 really quick people, 2 not so much…….I felt okay, but as soon as we crossed the street and began to run…I took maybe half a dozen steps, and my back just seized, severe pain, both sides, and I couldn’t get rid of it, and I seriously could not run/move…so I bailed…which really sucked…this is my group…but, must be an old guys problem?…looks like all did the planned 10K and beyond…which was so cool….

I was able to walk/hobble back to my car….decided to drive for a bit, I guess to see if the pain would go away, I drove into the Edmonton River Valley, drove into the parking lot at the Kinsmen, and, well, just getting out of the car hurt..there was no way I was going to be able to run….so just drove home…

It just hurts every time I move…and even just taking a deep breath……

To the couch it is….a heating pad, I’ve rubbed some pain cream on it…hopefully a quiet day, a good sleep tonight, and I’ll be good to go tomorrow…..but where did that come from?

This stuff actually worked!..I think…I didn’t think it would, this bottle actually expired last year, but the back actually feels okay right now, so maybe the Perskindol did the trick…I didn’t take any regular pain killer…so maybe…I’ll have to remember this moment the next time……a wonder drug…or was it the 15 cups of coffee??

I know I’ve had this pain before, a long time ago…I just cannot remember how it cured itself? was a result of moving furniture by myself – yes I know I should have known better – and I remember being in such pain that no position, even lying down, helped…..but not a great morning…

I have to hope for a better tomorrow…..and wish this is something that’ll not be on-going..being on the couch is not where I need to be this coming week..I’ve got a lot on my table

I just heard this…stress is us resisting life……wishing for or wanting something you don’t have..and seriously right now, life rocks, except for today……stress comes from not appreciating what is……so I have to keep reminding myself of that…

The pain is gone, I’ve got a pretty good week planned….so, yeah, not resisting life, so that’ll be the plan for this week….