A Great Month. Boy am I sore!

This has been a month of a lot of stuff………biking, spin classes, some strength training, running, walking and swimming….it all adds up, and all good……

This was the morning of a spin..wow, an early beginning…..it was for a fund raising for an Edmonton Children’s Hospital called the Stollery….it was at my gym, the Sturgeon Valley Athletic Club, some of my mates started off a lot earlier then I did, some for 24 hours, me I just thought it’d be a good to wake up at 4AM on a Saturday morning, and rode for a couple of hours…..it was kind of fun, okay it was…..some of the riders had been enhancing the experience with a few spirits, and they were in good spirit…

I think I’m in there at the back……it was fun…..and a, well maybe a good way to wake up…..

I’ve gotta admit the legs have been a bit heavy lately, I seem to have an issue with recovery….and I’m guessing it’s partly age, party, well, I just like doing a lot of stuff……so have come to a bit of a decision…I’m cutting my run training to 3 days a week, making those 3 days count…and then adding cross training, time on the bike, in the pool, in the gym, and spin classes……..am thinking cutting back on the high impact will do the body good, and I’ll still get my endurance from the rest of the training, so all good…..

My run club runs have been great….I’ve a lot of stronger runners to keep up to, so the intensity is there, and my speed is good……and that’s going pretty well…..we sometimes have bigger groups, sometimes smaller…but it keeps me busy

Another virtual clinic is up and running, and along with the few shifts I pull at my Running Room, life is busy/

Next up, the Canada Day 10K is coming up in a week…….looking forward to that, another early day…the start is at 7AM…it’ll be like a nice test, and it’ll be nice to do something with lots of other people, a run I’ve done many, many times before…so all good…..

25 days, 6 random rest days……it’s yep, like lots of play time and play dates…


a moment of reflection. doubts and why?

This was my morning….and am now listening to Sheryl Crowe sing ‘if it makes you happy’ right now, and this so did!…once it got going, it was a happy morning 🙂

But if you could have heard what was going on in my head at 7AM this morning – or pretty much all night long – that wasn’t happy….I was pretty depressed about everything and anything…the SVAC Run club isn’t going all that great (maybe it’ll get better..soon?), I’m not really happy about that, well, yeah, and then well, the Wednesday evening run club is going okay, but not as great as I think it should be (I have high expectations)

(no, I have no idea what Dave’s up to?)……I know, it’s a start, but I wanna see a huge crowd?…why, because?….Run Clubs should be huge….25 people and up…I know, it’s just a starting point, but, well, time to put heads together, thrash some ideas around and see what works?

There’s a few other things going on….so, yeah, a few doubts…..I know I have a lot of things weighing me down, my shoulders are kinda wide, yeah………but yeah at 7 to about 8AM, I was well, thought maybe I should just go back to bed and sleep until noon….and forget about it?

Then, well, three showed up for a run club run…I was hoping for about 22 more, once we began though, all good…and someone new joined in!……so I guess endorphins kick in, and I’m sort of happy again…..not ecstatic, but the eternal optimist in me says, well, maybe things will be alright, maybe things will get better, I just have to work harder and be patient……and work even harder…..gotta workshop this stuff…

This is such a amazing opportunity….grateful? Yes….there’s a lot of expectations, but, with such an amazing club, I’ll do what I have to do, remain involved….share, interact, share, and keep at it…..head against the wall, that may explain my receding hairline?……. and my flat forehead….why do I always wear black?

Seriously, what do I have to bitch about..okay, I don’t bitch, I just get depressed….this past week was pretty good, so that’s good right?…ran, biked, hit the gym, an outdoor spin class, a visit into the pool..lots of outside time, so what if the 75 Day Hard has crashed, I still managed lots of training, maybe more coffee than H2O, but everything else is good….I .just finished off instructing a pretty awesome Virtual 5K Clinic with an amazing group of people from Vancouver to PEI to Peru, am now getting ready for the next, a 10K in a couple of weeks…..I’ve 3 run club runs every week…..so all good, I just wish better right? They should be great…..and honestly, I like where I am more often than the other thing….so many positives, I just need more people…..

so, thinking, over the rainbow…everything will be alright Bob Marley….better days are ahead, the morning after….and as Ted Danson/Mayday Malone said at the of Cheers, I’m the luckiest SOB that’s ever lived, maybe I should just be thankful for that…..making memories…every day is a new day…...think a happy thought?

So next week..which begins tomorrow, hopefully is more of the same and the journey continues….

3 run clubs…..a shift at the good old RRoom…..there should be a swim or two, and at least one morning on the bike, and maybe a few spin classes……so busy busy

Maybe instead of whining, just being grateful for what I’ve got should be what goes through my head every evening and the first thing every morning..


I’m a Senior Runner..I’m 63.5

This is what old looks like. Who knew?

I’m 592 days away from entering a new age group….when did this happen.

I don’t feel 63, I don’t want to be 63 (do I have a choice?)

I have no idea how to work with being, well, in my 60s? What are the rules? how am I supposed to dress? how am I supposed to act? What music am I allowed to listen to?

And the big thing…the big elephant in the room?

What are the rules I need to know as a senior runner, as a triathlete?

I’ve been digging through the ‘net, reading everything I can find (there ain’t much) a few books help, a bit…but either they’re aimed at someone in their 50s, or they spend a lot of time explaining that we have to be gentle, be careful, and take a lot of naps….I ain’t going there…

can I get faster…….older yet faster?…will dig into it?

Jeff Galloway’s Running until You’re 100 seems interesting too….but, do I take everything with a grain of salt..everyone is different?……

I do have goals…I always look at different training plans….yes the goal is a half marathon in August, I wanna go for a 2 hour half….and then in October, Victoria, I want to break 4 hours…not huge goals, but, I’m well on my way to turning 64?……can I and how do I?

I know, just by current experience, I have to make sure I recover and rest; I need to watch my nutrition, and yeah, that recovery thing……

I’m feeling that today……I managed to run 3 days in a row, nothing crazy; a 10K, a couple of 5Ks, I’ll hit the gym tomorrow for a bit of strength training, which should help with everything else..then maybe a run later in the day to make up for not running today….and then Sunday it’ll be time to go long…..

Is there a training schedule a workout schedule for me?…at my age? I’ve yet to find one for myself…

The struggle right now is to try and fit everything in..and still rest…..

this is my bible..it sort of focuses on people in their 50s, whom are just kids, but older faster stronger, sure…

I have to say, for the most part I feel okay…as I’ve posted before, the training and running from the Sturgeon Valley Athletic Club (SVAC) has helped…it’s a pretty positive place, I like the weight room, and those that have been joining in with the run club has helped my emotions, I feel positive…….the Running Room Run Club on Wednesdays is great too…..there’s a lot of planning, emails, posts……but, well I like the work…

I’ve got to work on the stretching and foam rolling..I think the strength training is helping……but it’s the social thing……..

So tonight, sleep, strength tomorrow morning, a run in the evening…….Saturday I’ve got my virtual Running Room run clinic to instruct, with a guest speaker talking about the power of foam rolling, and then a run, or maybe it’s time to get the bike rolling for a short bit….then Sunday, the SVAC Sunday morning run club, I better figure out the distances…….and then chill…..maybe a walk, but, it’d be nice to get the bike out as well…I’ll post……

Do I feel old….YES….I’m sore, I take a while to recover, there are days when I’m not sure I do……the legs hurt and ache a bit right now……the concussion does feel a bit better, I don’t wake up with a headache so that’s good…but, well, every so often, it reminds me, that the fracture, the head, still has to be looked after….but, well, what’s normal, what’s good, what’s right…so, yep, still exploring..and how do I get quicker?

So, tomorrow…let’s see what tomorrow brings..


Yep, getting ready for the trip to that BMO Vancouver Marathon for the weekend.

I cannot believe I’m flying all that way to run an 8K race, and to work for the Running Room at the Expo for a day…I’ll get paid, and a good chance to see a lot of friends..time to connect, and reconnect.

I do have a new strategy of some sort, to pack minimally, I always pack a ton of stuff I don’t need, or use, and end up having to carry it to my accommodations all over the YVR airport and back again …the Air B&B that I’m staying at has a washer and dryer..so I don’t need a lot of clothes, I can clean what I’ve brought….and have room to buy more!

The week up until now was great….a nice group of Runners with the Sturgeon Valley Athletic Club Run Club on Sunday and Tuesday; Tuesday was a nice surprise……some new and a couple of old friends

…now to build on that…..I’ve got a bit invested in this, and I hope it becomes a success…..I’m working pretty hard to do that, and it’s nice to see it grow.

Wednesday, yesterday evening, yet another Run Club, building that community, and despite the weather, turned out pretty good

It was a nice night… another chance for me to run…and I sucked!!..I need to work on rest and recovery into my program….I just couldn’t get any speed up…

I have no idea why?…..I should have been strong enough to keep up, eventually I did; with any group I’m in charge of, I do like to be with the back of the packers so all have to look back to me, I usually make the route out on the fly……some times, and those in front know to turn around…so it all works…

I seem to be selling myself out a lot…two Run Clubs, I’m thinking of starting something casual during the week for those that can’t run evenings or on weekends, there’s a lot of them, but I just have to figure out how to fit all of that in with my life.

Tomorrow, an adventure begins, and then next week…who knows?

I’m really looking forward to this…this, I think will be my 10th Air B&B stay, and every time has always been really a nice surprise….great locations, and always have liked the casual and easy way things always work out…….I love Vancouver, and the experience I’ve had with where I’ve stayed has always been a part of that….

So tomorrow, a quick flight I hope, and then coffee on the beach!

13 Days to Vancouver….I suck?

another day I didn’t run…should have, could have, didn’t…WTF!

I whined instead….no care giver, had a few house chores to do, and whined…..how bad does this suck, I’m watching Brittney Ran a Marathon or something…..instead of running…

Also followed a blogger who ran the Boston Marathon this morning….so instead of running, I watched the pros, cheering others on, and didn’t….

I’m the king of lists, the king of making to do lists, and not doing anything on that list…

Seriously, what is wrong with me…….years ago my life was get up and go….why can’t I do that now…..?

I was better the older I get…how do I get back to that………?

The goal was the Vancouver, the BMO Vancouver Half Marathon…..now, the 8K?

I have no excuses, sometimes just life, but it seems like, going nowhere fast?

It’s spring, summer’s coming…I’m instructing others on how to do this stuff…but, I cannot get myself to get going……I’m leading two Run Groups?….I can encourage and cheer on others, just not myself?

I have a lot on my plate…so many opportunities, I have options, and time….I just need to get my head and my ass into the game…but how?

Going back to Vancouver, I’m hoping will kick start my brain…..I really need that, a reboot…that’s only two weeks away……but will that work?

The list for this week…a run first thing before breakfast, 5 hours at the Running Room, then at 6PM, Run Club at the Sturgeon Valley Athletic Club……….so busy, but doing things I like…but will I?

Wednesday, a swim, a noon-hour spin class and then the Running Room Run Club in the evening…..I may have loaded up the plate, but years ago, I would look forward to that……..I’ve gotta commit!

Thursday….a bit of strength work, a short run…hopefully a swim…..

I’m planning joining a walking group in the afternoon, but maybe…….

Friday, strength at the Club early…..another 5 hours at the store….and then the weekend…….running, instructing my virtual clinic, yoga, and then a run with the club on Sunday, and a swim

A lot of stuff….I just have to do…will I?

My recent history, doesn’t sound good……..I load up the plate, and cannot eat it all….how do I fix that?

Tuesday is another day…..the morning run doesn’t have to be far, it just has to be..

I know…..I’m older…..I do have a few issues…..a little over weight, high cholesterol, and enlarged prostate…..and I’m always tired………but, well, when I am active, I feel great, positive…..happy..

I don’t know how I get out of this funk…but, well, I have to…I have to make every day count, and know that, I’m only a year and a half away from 65……this has got to be my time…and I have to enjoy, and focus on enjoying life…..

Today, yeah, frustrated, there was a bit of a hiccup today, that I need to get over……tomorrow’s another day, another chance to start fresh……I need to give myself permission I guess…to be happy?

Anyway, tomorrow

32 Days; A good evening run…

I don’t usually run evenings, especially Wednesday evenings…but tonight just felt right.

I felt okay…and other than my feet getting a little wet the Hoka Arahi’s felt good….it was nice having that extra cushioning, and sitting almost with enough height to keep me sort of dry….

It’s spring, finally…the allergies are affecting me a bit, but, maybe this year, ignoring them will work…..this year?

I’m really liking life right now….active, involved, connecting…….it feels good, sometimes overwelming….it seems like I want to do lots of stuff, and a lot of things keep presenting things, options, opportunities, and I seem to be unable to say no….

One run club at my club, the Sturgeon Valley Athletic Club

….still figuring out the terrain, and which days, evenings, mornings work best… but a little bit, sometimes a lot of work…….I’m got my two or three days a week selling shoes at our Running Room

which is pretty fantastic, I feel at home once I enter those doors…..and now that Running Room wants me to look after their Wednesday evening Run Club..at a random park in St. Albert….so, surprise!…and yeah, I begin instructing a 5K clinic for that very running room beginning this Saturday…along with training…running, riding the bike, fitness and spin classes…swimming..strength training….life is pretty full…..

The trip to Vancouver is booked…and about a month away…..as Joe Walsh said, life’s been good to me so far….well, except for two things….got the word from my MD today….I’ve an enlarged prostate, and my cholesterol is high….not sure what to do about one……the other…time for a lot more fruit and veggies, healthy eating…..and less salt, sugar……I guess it’s all about being older?

and yeah…an appreciated package arrived today…new shoes and gear….already to run!..thank you Hoka!

48 Days to BMO Vancouver.

If it wasn’t fun, why would you do anything?

A great two days…today even better.

yesterday, a SVAC Run Club with a friend…a fun 6K……I should have gone after for another 8K, but I guess I saved that for today…

It was another odd run…..at one point, I was just going to go for a random run from home, or nothing at all…but got dressed, headed for the Edmonton River Valley…a 30 minute drive, got out of the car, and just ran….picked an familiar regular route….it’s like having a favorite bar…..a place that’s familiar and comfortable….well, as comfortable as a run can be…and enjoyable

I was going to go for 12K, but you know, when you finish, you know you’re finished…and it felt so good…even the icy patches…..

It must be getting close to spring though…..my YakTrax have just about done their time..as anyone that’s ever owned a pair know, as soon as you’re on pavement/tarmac/asphalt the springs and pins start to break and fall apart…that’s fine, they have a lifetime, and I’ll worry about new next winter!

I’m hoping that as soon as the ice and snow disappears, that all the hard work over the winter will pay off…….I’m also tired wearing an awful lot of clothes…today wasn’t bad, but I need shorts and short sleeves………

clothes, much like routes, seem to become routine, comfortable. I think I’ve had this top for something like 3 years….swag from a race, a good race too….and it’s always nice when it made by Lulu…..

my fave Brooks tights, they’re starting to get worn, it’s been a bit of a challenge to find anything else…I like tight, I hate baggy….and a small zippered pocket in the back just the right size for a key or better yet, a key fob…..

any my handy dandy Garmin 945..….lots on it, I don’t think I’ll ever use everything it has to offer…but, it does what I need for multi sport………altitude or whatever, all I need is maybe pace, time, distance…..leg turnover and heart rate is nice to look at afterwards……

and time for new shoes…the Adrenalines have done their time over the winter…I do have winter specific Saucony Peregrines, but these fit into the traction aids perfectly, I’ll probably go back to Hoka’s once the ice is all gone……but I have to admit I’m thinking of switching things up…but nah, for the half marathon, yeah, Hoka’s just sound right for a long run….

this is going to be a challenge….my water belt….I don’t always want to lug around a hydration pack, this is enough……to keep me hydrated if I need, zippered pockets for whatever……this is about 10 years old, or older from MEC, but no one seems to make them anymore, so I’m sort of screwed…….am searching the internet….fingers crossed…..

Tomorrow evening, a SVAC Run Club night after a day at the office…hopefully a busy day at the office…it seems lots of people are being money careful…the cost of living is going up…..so think it’ll be a quiet place for a while…but, the weather’s getting warmer, more people will get outside, and we have a huge amount of new stock coming in…..maybe war will be over, peace will break out…..and we’ll just run?

Vancouver’s BMO Half Marathon is getting closer…….I have to work on my race day plan…..

53 Days. A week to chill?

Kind of a weird week so far….after a great Sunday; Monday was a blood test morning on my doctor’s orders, with a few other tests…which kind of destroyed that day. I had a bunch of day to day things that I never have time to do, so got ’em done….

it took a few tries apparently to find blood… I have rolling or collapsing veins or something….I felt like a pin cushion..

A good day at the office selling stuff yesterday…and good day, it seemed like every customer was a runner, so fun to chat with, kind of inspiring, and got me thinking about different summer races…so goo, and why I love where I work…yeah we sell stuff, but I run, they run, we all run…and so many new shoes in the store too…have to try them all, and pick something for my spring shoe

May be going for the Hoka One One Speed Goat, I’m not sure how many trails I’ll do, but the shoe looks and feels so sweet…..as Hoka usually does…but I’m also thinking Brooks too, so will take my time.

Had a fantastic fun run yesterday evening with the SVAC Run Club … only 1 member with me…but it was perfect…just 5K, through the streets and trails of St. Albert, in an area I’ve never run in before, but is beginning to look familiar.

Having that Run Club up and running, even though only two weeks after we began, it feels good….and I’m guaranteed two runs a week no matter what…the free gym membership is really appreciated too…..they don’t have a pool, so I’ll keep making my way into the city for my swims, and for some runs….

but I love this new home…..including my time at the RRoom, life is pretty sweet.

I’ve gotta say, I’m one of the luckiest people on the planet……retired after 35 years at one job…which had 35 years of a lot of stuff..body building, a novice level bodybuilding judge, freelance writer, got meet interview, and become friends with a lot of my heroes, and then TV…making videos…and then running, Marathons, triathlons and now…..

got to manage my own RRoom store, now just an employee, I’ve taught run clinics for 16 years so far, now instructing virtual clinics, and now this SVAC Run club……someone’s looking out for me….

Yeah, yeah I know, I didn’t post my training schedule for this week….possibly wasn’t sure how this week, a busy week, so here’s what I’ve got so far…

MondayDid nothing..got the blood test (it took a while apparently to find a vein…so relaxed and recovered.
TuesdayAfter a hard day at the office, a fun 5K
Wednesday (today)An hour spin on the bike trainer while watching fitness videos on you tube
ThursdayA long open to close day at the office, so wake up, work, go to bed
FridayA day off…so start with a run, mapping out a loop for the Sunday Run club, and then will hit the gym to start to work on that strength training…
SaturdayA fun Park Run run (have you checked them out), and a spin later
SundayRun with my group; need to hit a total of 12/14K…and want to swim afterwards….
MondayNormally a rest day, but planning a swim, and gym time…maybe a spin!

Have you checked out Park Run?….this will be my first dip, I’m usually tied up on Saturdays, but this week, I’m going to attempt their weekly 5K, and get it done before my virtual run clinic….hopefully the Zoom meet on my iPhone works out…..I don’t have a fall back plan….Park Run is everywhere..a free timed and a measured 5K every Saturday, in parks, all over North America and Europe……will check it out and report back!