Sore, Tired, and it’s only Friday!

What a week, and it ain’t over…and yes, age is catching up (I know, I’m whining..)

Today was good…..a spin class in the great outdoors at SVAC first thing….

I kind of needed that……a little bit of stretching while we spun, and after…and then off to the pool

yep heaven…..

When I got to the pool, I have to say, I wasn’t feelin’ it….did I really want to swim?

Honestly dead tired…..and the spin didn’t help…but, well, as soon as I dove into the 50 meter pool, as soon as my head hit the water, nothing could feel as good…

It was only 1,000 meters in 25 minutes, but I needed that, and the 15 minutes in the hot pool after….maybe a part of that recovery….my legs are still dead tired, but that swim was perfect…a perfect way to end a morning…

This does feel good….though?……a lot of running, a few spins on the bikes…..two run clubs up and running, three group runs every week…..yeah, feels right…

It’s all inspiring, which is why I really love this stuff……..just spending time in the gym feels good, feels like home, sort of like the/my Running Room, every time I walk through the doors, I feel like saying, honey I’m home…..

Tomorrow may be a rest day, a much needed recovery day, well, sort of, after a morning run…..the plan is a Zoom meet live from somewhere on one of my favorite routes, and all the participants are supposed to do the same……so should be interesting, I’ll pick a spot where a short run, a long chat, and another short run….then I’ll plan to collapse for the rest of Saturday, and hope I’ll have enough get up and go to go again Sunday……gotta, gotta run….

I’ve been at this for 26+ years. Why?

This may be it…….I just like doing this. I like being active, busy, just doing stuff…the more I do, the more I want to.

Yeah, I like getting into the pool, and for some reason hitting the weight room as well, inside…

But, on one of the bikes……..get me outside

out for a Run

Even just for a walk….all good…..

26 years…I’d like to say it’s been longer….biking and swimming has always been a part of my life, endurance, hiking…being outside.

37, maybe younger, and now..63…..and still feel the same, even more so.

I guess it’s all about doing, not just watching……yes, I’ll watch, tomorrow, volunteering at a race, handing out electrolytes and water to runners taking on a half marathon….then I’ll go for my own run…

Today, instructed a 5K clinic, listened to, and talk about strength, nutrition, hydration….a good way to start the day…..I’ll post a bit about nutrition more tomorrow….I actually learned a few new things, things I think I knew, and you learn everyday…

the weather is great, the roads have gotten cleaner…..time to get on the road…and yep, the next goal, a 10K Canada Day Road Race on July 1st, and then the Half Marathon in August…..

Feeling good, feeling better…and getting out side that’s what make this worth, just being….

A good tired

Wow, I look pretty serious, for such a slow run…..but, despite what it looks like, it was a good day….the kind of day I love

An morning run though my favorite part of the Edmonton River Valley, and then a swim at the Kinsmen pool, a soak in the hot pool….all good….

At one point during the run I decided that it was just going to be like a tourist run, an enjoyable run, a little exploring, and just running….

I don’t know why I’ve stayed away so long – I do know, the roads have been awful, lots of freezing rain…but today felt so good….it’s time to make that drive and that location a huge part of my life again….

And then, I wasn’t sure about the swim…..but, well, I’m there, I’ve got my swim gear….and yep, as soon as the top of my head hit the water, I felt as though I was home…’s been probaby 6 months since my last dip in the pool, but rockin’ back and forth, those 25 metres feel soooo goooood…….hard I haven’t swum a lot forever….but, well, I’ve always swum…it’s never been much of an effort, and like running or riding, as soon as I start, it all just feels so comfortable… what I’m supposed to do…

I know today was supposed to be a steady possibly easy run…it’s all about endurance….

but it just felt right

I feel now, I’m in the right place, my head is in the right place, for the first time in a while, I know I can get this done. I know at my age, I have to recover, and not get too hooked into just doing and doing…..

I’ve gotta pay attention to that rest and recovery..and yeah, the swim helps with that…and with the two sessions today, I’m back on track for that 100 workouts in 100 days…….