Way Out of my Comfort Zone, fast fun

Wow, two pretty fast runs, back to back….maybe speed training …..I feel it this morning, and I was still way behind the group I started out with, but that forced me to pick it up, and, well, a 6:16 per K was awesome..I needed that

It was an interesting run altogether, but perfect…I was wearing almost everything Brooks….I should start taking selfies….but my Brooks Glycerin 20s, my Garmon 945 (the best watch I’ve ever worn…it does everything I need it to do….except maybe run for me?)…..a Brooks jacket, even but Stance socks…okay, and an older Jasper Canadian Rockies Half Marathon race shirt….

The weather is changing, it was a bit cooler, which in some ways is great…(it was about +8C) but the constant challenge at this time year is figuring out just what to wear….yes, dress for 10 degrees warmer than it is…but, well, I’m older, so cold does feel colder….

I was fine, I managed without gloves and a toque, but it’s almost at that time, and I think in the weeks to come, headlamps!

This is going to be a busy with lots to do weekend, with an X-Trail Series 12K trail race on Saturday…hopefully I blew off my race phobia with Sunday’s 5 Peaks trail race.…it’s a 9AM start, it’s a fairly easy 31K drive, so I can sleep in a bit…..and yeah, last week was awesome, so no real reason not to show up…

I’m still working around being old…I know, like today…I need my rest and I just can’t/shouldn’t run every day…..

So another great evening, today is all about chill…….tomorrow, the weather’s supposed to be awesome so will do something outside….bike and swim maybe, or run and swim, and then get a blood test???

I’ve something else to look forward to…..next week, I get to introduce a bunch of other’s to one of my Run Clubs…The SVAC Run Club…should be fun..and hey, apparently I’m a fit pro, who knew?

a moment of reflection. doubts and why?

This was my morning….and am now listening to Sheryl Crowe sing ‘if it makes you happy’ right now, and this so did!…once it got going, it was a happy morning 🙂

But if you could have heard what was going on in my head at 7AM this morning – or pretty much all night long – that wasn’t happy….I was pretty depressed about everything and anything…the SVAC Run club isn’t going all that great (maybe it’ll get better..soon?), I’m not really happy about that, well, yeah, and then well, the Wednesday evening run club is going okay, but not as great as I think it should be (I have high expectations)

(no, I have no idea what Dave’s up to?)……I know, it’s a start, but I wanna see a huge crowd?…why, because?….Run Clubs should be huge….25 people and up…I know, it’s just a starting point, but, well, time to put heads together, thrash some ideas around and see what works?

There’s a few other things going on….so, yeah, a few doubts…..I know I have a lot of things weighing me down, my shoulders are kinda wide, yeah………but yeah at 7 to about 8AM, I was well, thought maybe I should just go back to bed and sleep until noon….and forget about it?

Then, well, three showed up for a run club run…I was hoping for about 22 more, once we began though, all good…and someone new joined in!……so I guess endorphins kick in, and I’m sort of happy again…..not ecstatic, but the eternal optimist in me says, well, maybe things will be alright, maybe things will get better, I just have to work harder and be patient……and work even harder…..gotta workshop this stuff…

This is such a amazing opportunity….grateful? Yes….there’s a lot of expectations, but, with such an amazing club, I’ll do what I have to do, remain involved….share, interact, share, and keep at it…..head against the wall, that may explain my receding hairline?……. and my flat forehead….why do I always wear black?

Seriously, what do I have to bitch about..okay, I don’t bitch, I just get depressed….this past week was pretty good, so that’s good right?…ran, biked, hit the gym, an outdoor spin class, a visit into the pool..lots of outside time, so what if the 75 Day Hard has crashed, I still managed lots of training, maybe more coffee than H2O, but everything else is good….I .just finished off instructing a pretty awesome Virtual 5K Clinic with an amazing group of people from Vancouver to PEI to Peru, am now getting ready for the next, a 10K in a couple of weeks…..I’ve 3 run club runs every week…..so all good, I just wish better right? They should be great…..and honestly, I like where I am more often than the other thing….so many positives, I just need more people…..

so, thinking, over the rainbow…everything will be alright Bob Marley….better days are ahead, the morning after….and as Ted Danson/Mayday Malone said at the of Cheers, I’m the luckiest SOB that’s ever lived, maybe I should just be thankful for that…..making memories…every day is a new day…...think a happy thought?

So next week..which begins tomorrow, hopefully is more of the same and the journey continues….

3 run clubs…..a shift at the good old RRoom…..there should be a swim or two, and at least one morning on the bike, and maybe a few spin classes……so busy busy

Maybe instead of whining, just being grateful for what I’ve got should be what goes through my head every evening and the first thing every morning..


I’m a Senior Runner..I’m 63.5

This is what old looks like. Who knew?

I’m 592 days away from entering a new age group….when did this happen.

I don’t feel 63, I don’t want to be 63 (do I have a choice?)

I have no idea how to work with being, well, in my 60s? What are the rules? how am I supposed to dress? how am I supposed to act? What music am I allowed to listen to?

And the big thing…the big elephant in the room?

What are the rules I need to know as a senior runner, as a triathlete?

I’ve been digging through the ‘net, reading everything I can find (there ain’t much) a few books help, a bit…but either they’re aimed at someone in their 50s, or they spend a lot of time explaining that we have to be gentle, be careful, and take a lot of naps….I ain’t going there…

can I get faster…….older yet faster?…will dig into it?

Jeff Galloway’s Running until You’re 100 seems interesting too….but, do I take everything with a grain of salt..everyone is different?……

I do have goals…I always look at different training plans….yes the goal is a half marathon in August, I wanna go for a 2 hour half….and then in October, Victoria, I want to break 4 hours…not huge goals, but, I’m well on my way to turning 64?……can I and how do I?

I know, just by current experience, I have to make sure I recover and rest; I need to watch my nutrition, and yeah, that recovery thing……

I’m feeling that today……I managed to run 3 days in a row, nothing crazy; a 10K, a couple of 5Ks, I’ll hit the gym tomorrow for a bit of strength training, which should help with everything else..then maybe a run later in the day to make up for not running today….and then Sunday it’ll be time to go long…..

Is there a training schedule a workout schedule for me?…at my age? I’ve yet to find one for myself…

The struggle right now is to try and fit everything in..and still rest…..

this is my bible..it sort of focuses on people in their 50s, whom are just kids, but older faster stronger, sure…

I have to say, for the most part I feel okay…as I’ve posted before, the training and running from the Sturgeon Valley Athletic Club (SVAC) has helped…it’s a pretty positive place, I like the weight room, and those that have been joining in with the run club has helped my emotions, I feel positive…….the Running Room Run Club on Wednesdays is great too…..there’s a lot of planning, emails, posts……but, well I like the work…

I’ve got to work on the stretching and foam rolling..I think the strength training is helping……but it’s the social thing……..

So tonight, sleep, strength tomorrow morning, a run in the evening…….Saturday I’ve got my virtual Running Room run clinic to instruct, with a guest speaker talking about the power of foam rolling, and then a run, or maybe it’s time to get the bike rolling for a short bit….then Sunday, the SVAC Sunday morning run club, I better figure out the distances…….and then chill…..maybe a walk, but, it’d be nice to get the bike out as well…I’ll post……

Do I feel old….YES….I’m sore, I take a while to recover, there are days when I’m not sure I do……the legs hurt and ache a bit right now……the concussion does feel a bit better, I don’t wake up with a headache so that’s good…but, well, every so often, it reminds me, that the fracture, the head, still has to be looked after….but, well, what’s normal, what’s good, what’s right…so, yep, still exploring..and how do I get quicker?

So, tomorrow…let’s see what tomorrow brings..

This week..aiming at the May half marathon

This gets real……18 weeks away from that Vancouver Half Marathon on Saturday May 1st 2022…

have found a pretty cool AirB&B, like the location, now to book that flight…looks like there may be some deal…so will get that done.

OMG though right? COVID is yet again raising it’s ugly head!!!!!

Don’t really care, even if this thing goes virtual only, I’m still going to Vancouver no matter what…I need this, and I need 12 miles done on May 1st….

So 118 days to train…..today was kind of a challenge.

It’s Monday, so it’s my day when I specifically cross train, to getting on the bike training was done….after shoveling snow, and before shoveling even more snow……what all that snow is going mean for my outdoor runs for the next of the week I have no idea…hopefully the trails and sidewalks will be cleared. It’s supposed to be colder as we work through this deep freeze, but I just have to keep telling myself that the hard work now, no matter how hard and slow, will mean I’ll be ready to go quick and fast once everything warms up and this snow all melts.

Here’s this week’s schedule…it’ll be busy..and maybe busier.

I’m still taking a virtual Running Room Half Marathon Clinic that takes me into February.

I start taking yet another Running Room virtual Half Marathon clinic that aims at that May 1st…

And, I begin instructing a virtual Running Room Learn to Run clinic this Saturday…..

This will be my third in a row, and I’m looking forward to the challenge.

Explaining what we do, and get a group hooked is a lot of fun, and satisfying. Especially with new to running, runners……I like seeing that light bulb moment, also the interaction between those in the clinic during that weekly Zoom meet, the questions and concerns, forces me to think about what I do, how and why, and to explain it that others can understand and put into practise…..and then being a cheerleader…

MONDAYCross trainMondays will be all about this. Today was 1 hour on the bike trainer
TUESDAY4K Tempo1 easy, 3K tempo, 1 easy
WEDNESDAY4K EasyGet ready for hill Thursday
THURSDAY3 x 400m hillsNot sure which hills, but yeah…  
FRIDAYOFFAbsolutely off rest and recover
SATURDAY3K SteadyEasy, maybe with 1K a little quicker
SUNDAY10K LSDLong slow and effortless……

Last night’s run was a nice revelation.

A planned long run was derailed by a call to cover a shift at our Running Room, but, well, after 8 hours, a busy 8 hours…..didn’t really have anything to eat, just a lot of coffee, and was dead tired, and have never been a huge fan of running in the dark (I’m getting tired of night starting at 4PM!) …but it was all good….I picked a route with a few hills, one off road trail, and yep, what the doctor ordered……

I love random runs, some call them junk miles, I don’t…sometimes the head and the heart knows what it needs, it doesn’t always have to be training, a training run, sometimes a run is just a run..for mental health, a reboot, something fun even….

That’s going to a huge part of my focus for 2022, doing this for fun, for personal enjoyment, to connect, and reconnect…yes, focus on distance, endurance, strength and speed, but will not give up on the fun to do so….I’m now 63, I think it’s time to give myself a break, cut myself some slack, and to enjoy life…….my life.

so tomorrow morning…..up to the store at 11AM (maybe cross training in the form of shoveling snow first thing) and a run at 2PM….for fun, but also a little bit of strength too….prancing through the snow


-27C feels like -37C but Good

That may or, may not be Santa off in the distance, but yeah, it started up cold……

okay it remained cold for the short just under 4K run……but am so glad I got out…

I procrastnated for most of Christmas morning….then after the gifts were all opened, I knew I had to get out before the family get together, and yeah, FOOD!!…….

at one time, I was thinking maybe not….I’ve been out 4 out of the last 5 days, 6 out of the last 7….should I take Christmas day off as a day off…..would it be the worst thing….

BUT IT’S CHRISTMAS…..a tradition…even though it’s the coldest it’s been here on Christmas Day in 50 year, you still have to go…

There’s still that commitment, every day until the end of the year, until I turn 63.

The whole purpose being to get me ready for 2022, ready to begin that focused march towards the BMO Vancouver Half Marathon on May 1st………

So yeah, I ran today……not that far, a pretty good route, some trail, some through the ‘hood…..and yeah, dispite all that, no matter what, no matter the distance, you still get some fitness…

You would think snot would freee at -37 C (for those of you outside of Canuck metric land, that’s -34.6F…the colder it gets, the closer the two sort of measure the same sort of suffering)

So what do you wear at -37C? Everything?

The jacket, this New Balance jacket has been doing the trick…it’s lined and warm…I complained about it a few times over the past year – it’s a little too warm – but at -37C it does the trick. Keeps out the wind chills, and it fits and feels like a great runner’s jacket……..

I did two layers underneath, I needed that……a Craft base layer ……one they don’t make anymore, but it’s been good for 6 winters, so still works, and then I threw just a random long sleeve on top…..that did the trick….we do carry Craft gear at our Running Room store in St. Albert…..and their stuff aways seems to work well in the colder seasons.

Bottoms, was simple…a Ron Hill pair of tights – again something I’ve had for a while, but I like them…they’re not winter specific, but my legs don’t always get that cold, I just need something to keep the wind chill off…..and possibly for the first time ever, I wore a base layer, and a warm bit of protective gear to keep the privates warm…….none of it was all that thick, so all fit well….

Socks, just a pair Feetures socks just longer than usual (I usually like showing a little skin…again, my lower body doesn’t always get that cold…..

The head…just an old toque from a Hair Massacure event (yeah you know, you dye your hair pink, get it shaved, raise money to fight cancer in kids) and a BUFF

the only issue was…my glasses fogged up (I can’t wear contacts!)….so I just took them off and stuff ’em in a pocket…I can see well enough without, just don’t ask me to read a book.

I’ll model for tomorrow’s post…I plan another run, and will probably dress the same, it works!…….

With all the extra gear, and the traction aids on my Brooks Adrenalines, I did feel a little heavier…so wasn’t moving too quickly (that was yesterday’s run/workout)………..

So the lesson…it’s almost never too cold to run. I seem to have developed a love of running on ice….I seem to almost be looking for something to stick those pins into…..I usually like to stick between -25C and +25C, but if you’ve got a run plan, or even if it’s a want not a need, it still can be done…..

And even though at 63, trying to run every day is probably not what the doctor ordered, but just as with every run, it just felt so good…….the really only bad run, is the one you don’t do.

So…..see you tomorrow?