Sick Tired and Sore

Day 3.

and yes, am feeling sorry for myself.

I have no idea what I have, but listening to people around me, it’s something that’s going around, respiratory thing of some sort, sore throat, a but stuffed up and a headache.

So running today…I really wanted to get out yesterday evening with my crew, they wre just going for 6K, I should be able to run 6K….got my gear on, headed to our starting point along the river, and well, not.

A beautiful day….a beautiful evening…..

I’m maybe kind of okay with not, but, I keep re-doing my schedule for the week, what’s left of it, and then re-doing it again today…and rewriting, and re-setting goals, and well, 2022 is almost done, so there’s not left to pivot to.

The headache part is kind of bothering me, I’ve never been sick with a headache before….and I don’t like being sick, I will clean out our medicine cupboard, drink everything, even gallons of coffee, and possibly run……I need to get well quick, eventhough I know this will take whatever time it takes.

And where the hell did this come from? I haven’t really been sick forever. In my past life as a rail traffic controller, it was constant, just stress and not looking after myself, but I seriously have not been ill since I retired in 2014….and not this bad ever……..

I do have a lot on my plate now, and a lot to do, and a lot not done, I let go of the Victoria Half Marathon (again, grrrr) but well, I’ll just keep training, having fun, look after my run groups and my clinics, and work…..

Hard to believe I’m already thinking about 2023…….not much of a year, some good stuff, but no marathon….but, well, there’s always next year, next week, next month……

Tomorrow’s Friday….I’ve pretty much taken the week off, day 3 without a run or a ride or a swim or strength training, frustraiting, but I guess the body says it’s something I need……

There’s a 12K off road planned for Saturday, so I guess get well and plan for that, hope for that, hope for a good positive weekend…………..and to get off this couch and back on track.

another frustrating missed race! yet again

Not happy, not a happy morning……

there was a plan this morning…

a short 7K trail race, a group of friends meeting to drive me to the start to make sure I actually went, and well, a rough night, didn’t sleep, and at 5AM I messaged everyone to go on without me!….maybe I should have , could have….just split minute decision, and well, just another day...of many many days…if you’ve followed this blog for any length of time, it’s been almost a decade of this stuff….I just cannot get over this hurdle…….maybe I should seek professional help?

Frustrating….it was a short run, not anything I had to do fast..…….I could have just gone, had fun…but again, second guessing myself, no confidence, I need to find motivation, or just not think.

I have got to figure this out, and decide what I want to do?…and work my way through…..gotta get my head on straight……something..somehow…..maybe it’s age?

I had such a good start to the week……a couple of great runs, a really nice spin on Thursday the bike …..good, a good start, and then today, my get up and go just wasn’t there…..

I know the ride on Thursday took a little bit out of me….it was first long ride in a very long time….I was pretty burned out for most of Friday, and a long long day at the store Friday didn’t help….a day on my feet is always a challenge…

Some days it feels like I’m putting too much pressure on myself, maybe I need a pressure relief vavle of some sort?

I have made a change..instead of a half marathon on August 21st, I’ve stepped back to the 10K……and in October, a half marathon in Victoria…that’ll be fine…I’ll save the full marathon for the spring…in Vancouver?

Doing that frees me up, I can add in more cross training..I can save my Thursday for riding……and just relax..

I do have few other runs I want to do, races……..but, well….just training and focus on nothing right now, seems like the right thing to do….

I need a good re-set of some sort….today, I guess rethink, and reboot…..

work on that motivation, and get my ass out the door…..

I also need to make some connections…find my old group…..have some reason to just go and get outside…

Yesterday someone said I’d inspired her to get going…to join a gym, to sign up for runs, to have fun….so I can inspire others, myself, not so much…….why not?

there’s got to be a way to change’s been too long….I had no problem racing in Vancouver (maybe it was because there was no pressure?)……so why did that work, and not today…is it because I was at home?

So, today….schedule, schedule…find some way to take the pressure off, release stress…..and instead of thinking, just do?…….It seems I dread stuff now, and not look forward to getting out and going..making a plan

What to do when you don’t feel like running

Or anything… two of that?

The week started well, but just seems that my get up and go has got up and left….after 3 really good days?

I slept in, didn’t really want to get out of bed..and yes, this personal training course is taking some time….learning stuff and a lot of stuff I’m not sure I agree with…but this course will get me to where I want to go, so worth it, and I’ve two months, lots and lots of reading … so all good…..

How do you motivate yourself and not fall in love with that couch?

This happens…and I think it’s just the head and the body saying no. I’m feeling a few things, I want to try and figure out a schedule (it’s been a while since I’ve had homework) and decide how much time everyday to put into my studying and doing my assignments. I’m the kind of person that something will just take over my life, and if anything derails that, I get frustrated, angry at everything and everyone. Which is why running, biking, being active helps…..

Also I want to plan the summer…..what do I want to do, what’s the goal .

The half marathon is do-able, I’ve got time…..21K is always do-able……but I like doing other things?….so do I want to aim at other things, but just do those on the days I don’t run….how do I make this work?

I know at this point in my life what works, what doesn’t and what I need to do, but I’ve never been 63 before…….so, I guess that is today………rest, recover again, work on this weekend and next week’s plan (I just have to fill in the boxes) ……so this will be the basics

saturdayRun 5K Steady (may do the 5K Park Run)       and maybe bike?
sundaySVAC Run Club Run 16K slow then work 12 to 530
mondayspin and stretch class then swim 1000 meters
tuesdayWork 9:30 to 2PM    SVAC Run Club 5K tempo (whether I want to or not)
wednesdayRunning Room Run Club 7K Steady
thursdayHill or stair repeats         swim 1000 meters – instruct virtual 10K clinic
fridayWork 1030 to 730
SaturdayOFF ( if possible will run a 5 Peaks off road race)
SundaySVAC Run Club 12K  work 12 – 530 (bike)

Some of this is a bit up in the air (not sure if I’m home with the kids Saturday or able to race) and I’m planning on giving myself 1 hour of each day except for Friday to get my personal fitness trainer studying done….one of the days should be a rest day… least a part of Wednesday will be….and I need to add some spin classes or just biking outside somewhere, but, well…..we’ll see.

Sore, Tired, and it’s only Friday!

What a week, and it ain’t over…and yes, age is catching up (I know, I’m whining..)

Today was good…..a spin class in the great outdoors at SVAC first thing….

I kind of needed that……a little bit of stretching while we spun, and after…and then off to the pool

yep heaven…..

When I got to the pool, I have to say, I wasn’t feelin’ it….did I really want to swim?

Honestly dead tired…..and the spin didn’t help…but, well, as soon as I dove into the 50 meter pool, as soon as my head hit the water, nothing could feel as good…

It was only 1,000 meters in 25 minutes, but I needed that, and the 15 minutes in the hot pool after….maybe a part of that recovery….my legs are still dead tired, but that swim was perfect…a perfect way to end a morning…

This does feel good….though?……a lot of running, a few spins on the bikes…..two run clubs up and running, three group runs every week…..yeah, feels right…

It’s all inspiring, which is why I really love this stuff……..just spending time in the gym feels good, feels like home, sort of like the/my Running Room, every time I walk through the doors, I feel like saying, honey I’m home…..

Tomorrow may be a rest day, a much needed recovery day, well, sort of, after a morning run…..the plan is a Zoom meet live from somewhere on one of my favorite routes, and all the participants are supposed to do the same……so should be interesting, I’ll pick a spot where a short run, a long chat, and another short run….then I’ll plan to collapse for the rest of Saturday, and hope I’ll have enough get up and go to go again Sunday……gotta, gotta run….

Planning Day by Day

Oh boy, I have a day off tomorrow!!!?…..

One day…really, I have lots of days off this week, but tomorrow is a day when I have a ton to do…and have to try and squeeze in a work out or two….that’s life.

I try and squeeze things in always…, a long day at the running room store, so a bike ride to the store, a bike ride home, and a run club this that works…

Tomorrow? I just have to shuffle what’s important, what’s not, and what can wait…and if I don’t run tomorrow, I won’t have time until Saturday (OMG!)……I need to get into a pool, I need to get on the bike, and I want to do a spin class, and do some strength training…..grrrrr……

I’m still pretty worn out after Sunday, and the flight home yesterday….so, I’m thinking I may blow off the spin tomorrow, but, well, I’m thinking about it…I can do strength on Friday morning?…or do I bike to work?

It’s Thursday morning?……..yeah, I’m going to run…maybe swim..and then will use the afternoon to do the being a dad, a husband, and a son stuff done…….