rest and recovery. a weekend with no running

Today was a good day to kick back and rest.

For some reason I’m really beat and tired, and I have a busy weekend ahead, so today, getting prepared, planning, eating, and need to sleep.

It/s the weekend of the Edmonton Folk Music Festival and the St. Albert Triathlon, going to one, volunteering at the other……

The Folk Fest is an all day thing….9 to 9, a day full of live music, lots of people, possibly friends, and lots of random food beginning and ending with green onion cakes, spring rolls, and lots of food……I love it, but walking up and down folk fest hill throughout the day wears an old guy down..

Then at 7:30 Sunday morning, I’ll be standing at a busy corner with a stop sign making sure cars don’t run over our athletes biking and running…..

You’ve gotta give back right?…..without volunteers none of this stuff ever happens, so yeah….and it’s fun, motivating….I never regret volunteering at stuff, it’s like looking after run clinics, I always get out more then I put in……and heck, this will be for a full 5 hours, there’s breakfast, a BBQ, and then off to work to sell running shoes…..a full weekend…

Odd thing, getting ready for a weekend like this is a lot like getting ready for an active weekend, planning, gathering everything I need together, checking out my footwear, the weather…what I need to pack…wear (will it be warm enough for shorts?)……..

Even with this hiccup in the training schedule, I kind of feel okay…I had a few great runs this weekend…I should be able to bike to and from the Running Room store on Sunday afternoon…and I can get my long run done on Monday……all good….bring on the Folk!