Not a bad Tuesday, looking forward to a Wednesday run

Yesterday turned out okay……did a few things around the house before heading out, but the joy of being the house husband while the Mrs. is working, and plus, I’m OCD when it come to that anyway…I’ve redone laundry….because it wasn’t done right?…it’s amazing after 36 years we’re still married, or that I’m alive…

The run was good, a good pace, 6:24 average….that’s okay, I did take a couple of walk breaks….and I enjoyed myself, I got outside for some play time

yes, yes, yes, I need a shave and a hair cut…..

Sometimes a run is just a run (actually for me, most of the time)…there doesn’t have to be a set distance (though I am leaning towards every run being about 10K) or a planned route…’s about getting outside and enjoying myself, being alive…..and yes, just moving….

I did have a bit of a heavy chest yesterday, the air is filled with smoke from nearby grass and forst fires, there are a lot of them already this spring…..and along with allergy season, that is a concern, but seriously I know I should be careful, I just never let that stop me…


Well…it’s me and Sasha…(time for that refreshing nostalgic picture…where?)

so far, dad’s made waffles, swept and scrubed the floors, swept the deck and onto the second of three loads of laundry…then the group run tonight…

So have the mapping program up, called on the go……… consuming lots of coffee, and it maybe time to stop watching videos of winter in Vancouver…..get the guitar out for a few minutes and then back to the laundry…

oh the life of a retired senior

good bye 2022……the year it was….

365 days that we’re….

highs, a few lows…I seem to think there were too many lows, but really not?

Most, if not all we’re self inflected….

I have to say, as usual the reality is a lot better then how I felt…or feel, really.

I remember hearing this, well, in this final episode of Cheers, as Mayday Malone said then, words so true….I’m possibly the luckiest SOB on the planet.

Seriously, I do not know how this all happens, but I’ve been pretty lucky…somehow I’ve managed to convince people that I’m a good guy or something……I’ve been given so many opportunities that we’re pretty amazing….not sure how or why, but it happens?

I’ve became responsible for not one but two Run Clubs, two groups of runners, which at times, most of the time, both groups were, are, kind of the same group of people….but wow….every Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday, a group of people to run with, new routes…one for the Sturgeon Valley Athletic Club, the other our Running Room crew…not huge, but I run, they run faster…kind of amazed by that, and feeling really, blessed? to have that..

The Sturgeon Valley folks, SVAC, is an amazing opportunity. Actually pretty special….a free membership to probably one of the best gyms I’ve been in. An amazing crew of people…social, and comfortable…it’s kind of become my happy place….I’m always never comfortable….always looking for that trap door….but so far, so good….

Sometimes the groups are larger, sometimes smaller, sometimes just me and one other who’s really really quick….way too quick for me……but there’s also a benefit for because of that…I’ve become a little quicker…not super quick, not like me as a 30 year old, but a lot stronger…..I’ve had to get there just to keep up, or try too.

Our Running Room club was a surprise,

but a pleasent one, and one more thing, chance….I get to run, yet another evening, another group….and again, it seems like the same group week after week, 3 times a week… cool is that.

Racing has been almost non-existent… I did miss a few, a few did not starts….but a trip to Vancouver, only an 8K, but that was fun too…..and hey, a trip to the west coast, worked a shift at the Expo, which was kinda fun…and stayed in an Air B&B on Melville Street..the perfect location..I look like I’m actually enjoying myself…had a blast when the start, with that half hour late start…..but Vancouver?…I’m skipping the event this year to run here at home, but may head their at some point later in the year….

August got me to a 10K in Edmonton, a good pace, a good morning…actually felt effortless….and fun…I got to connect with a few folks to run with, and with a STRAVA friend…and yeah, I was outa breath…

The fall got me to my first 5 Peaks race for a while…and had an absolute blast…

The trails of Devon..again surrounded by so many people I knew, not sure why I skip so many of these things…like the Woodstock of running….

And yeah, a year of instructing clinic after virtual clinic….wasn’t sure how that would work at first, but as usual the Running Room asked, I said sure…

I actually like it….huge groups, the Zoom meets have been good, an amazing group of runners, Learn to Runners, 5K, 10K, and Half Marathoners….people from Vancouver Island to Newfoundland, Yellowknife, Whitehorse, from the States, and Peru…..

The best part, guest speakers. I never know why, but so many have helped, guest speakers, experts in everything, and they just help, and those in the clinics, and I, get to learn so much….grateful is way to simple a word, but thankful, feeling blessed…..I just reach out and ask… many connections with so many amazing people….

Seriously, the topics seem endless..I have to say getting to set up a talk on women and running for two groups so far has to be the most amazing thing ever…a topic I knew was important, but never found the perfect a way to make those connections…and it happened, and seriously I never want to say anything like this was the best, but it was perfect..just what the doctor ordered..

But again, blessed, it happened with a lot of help from a lot of people…..

Seriously, this as been the story of my life…it seems like people, some friends, some random, some just through connections, but everything just seems to work out….with the help of a lot of, friends?

2023? Hope for more of the same. I know I’d like to make my 65th year on this planet special…there seem to be some hurdles in the way, but as 2022 has shown me, things are possible….with a lot of help from a lot of people……grateful, thankful, appreciative, blessed? Yep…..

Goals…….a Run Sunday morning, what used to be called the Resolution Run, 5K….I’ll do a little extra before…..gotta get to about 12K total…

There’s a few other races….but, the first Five Peaks race of the year will be in May, July a visit to do leg 6 at Sinister 7 (I’d better start running hills, a lots and lots of distance) and then why not a full Marathon in Edmonton in August…

I know I have a few issues that may derail those plans……life, family……but I’m selecting races far enough apart so that a little bit of improvising will always be an option…

More and more clinics…may see if there’s some way I can get to that on my own…and why not see if I can get myself certified at something along the way……because, why not, I’m retired and I have 365 days to fill…

That’ll be key for 2023…remembering that….I’m retired.

I’ve all the time in the world to do everything and anything…..yes,

I have no excuses..I can do almost anything at any time….I know I’m old(er) so I’ve gotta be careful, but, well, just do it!….and get rid of a lot of fat…

Bring on 2023!……


Today the Word Was Fun & Run

as depressed as I’ve felt over the past week….today was a day that made me happy to be doing just what I’m doing…maybe what I’m supposed to be doing…

Okay, so I suck a selfies…but a good morning Sunday fun run……the normally quicker one’s in our group were a little slower this morning (they’d both run a pretty challenging half marathon Saturday…sooo) and I was able to keep up…and it was (I hope) I made things up as we went along, and I think that worked…about 9K – the speed? It seemed quicker, the Garmin said slower, but again, I forgot to press stop whe n we were done….but fun, and we had a good crew…

And I spent the afternoon selling in shoes…and had a blast, it was a good afternoon, doing what I like to do again….

A group of fun customers, they listened, they were engaged and engaging…..and sold a few shoes that never usually move, most were runners (as opposed to walkers)……and I felt fine – awesome – doing that…

Then finished off the day/evening with a little badminton with my daughter….active, and engaged…a positive spin on a week of sick and frustraition……so all good.

I’ve given up on an official Half Marathon in Victoria….so now, will just do something next month on my own…do some local events, play, have fun, train, but keeping it social, active…and enjoying myself….well, except for the selfies..

a week ago one of my bosses asked me if I was interested in changing jobs, there has been days when I’ve thought of quitting…..but, well, I love where I am. There’s a few frustraitions, I have thought about quitting at times, I miss a couple of ex employees, and I don’t see or work with a few often enough, but, ater contemplaiting things, I’m exactly where I want to be, I’m in my happy place, every day….I’m doing stuff….clinics, work, the gym… long as I’m moving I am having fun, enjoyable and positive, and I have to try to keep being more positive….I seem to be able to do that with other people, for others, but have an issue with doing that on myself……for myself, maybe it’s time for some self love…and to cut myself some slack….


A good morning run….

so, woke up this morning, after kind of a restless night, and changed the morning’s planned…

a weird type of cold?…..just a tight chest and a sore throat…..the throat I thought was because of all the forest fire smoke that still in the air, and has been playing havoc with my breathing……and well, I did a rapid test (gotta love sticking that swab up my nose, not) and I’m clean and clear….

How did I make it through almost 3 years of COVID without a sniffle, and now, sick?

It took me a while to get going….decided to just take it easy..I had to record a shoe talk for an upcoming clinic, so that was my first stop……and then, well, why not a short run..?

It was a good run…just over 6K, a pace of 6:40, so all good….it was tough going at the start (where’s all this snot come from)….and it was a bit of a new route, but I got it done…..

I’m not sure if a completely rested day would work better…I can never figure out if with a chest cold if you’re supposed to stop training, or if it’s a head cold? I just think running makes everything stronger, works those lungs and that heart, so how could it be the wrong thing to do.

The weather’s turned, a chill is in the air (which may help with those forest fires) is winter coming early?

I like the cooler weather, was happy how this almost 64 year old body felt after yesterday’s 9K run, am not sure how I feel about today’s 6K

I was planning longer, but, well, when the body says you need to improvise, you need to listen….I want to be able to run later in the week, and in just over maybe 4 weeks from now…… let’s be careful out there.

Victoria….I’m having thoughts……not good ones. Do I want to go, half marathon?…….I do, and don’t…do I need to fly that distance…..I’ve got a busy weekend ahead, I think I’ll spend Saturday and Sunday contemplaiting……..see how the positves and the negatives work themselves out…..

Tonight’s clinic was really good……..I’m loving this stuff, 20 people all ready to learn how to run….this virtual clinic stuff is okay, I wish I could run with them all, but well, they’re everywhere from Vancouver Island to Montreal..a few close by, but tomorrow……..Run Club…

Punting this past weekend’s 10K, has me worried…have I gotten over that fear, or laziness?…..time to work on what’s inside that head..

Hello. I’m a Runner and I’m 63

I turn 64 is about 153 days.

I’m the father of 3…two are adults, autistic, and are still at home.

I sell shoes for the Running Room.…I lead 2 different Run Clubs, 4 runs every week.

I have run marathons (10) half marathons, every other distance you can think of..5K 10K 15K 4 milers.

I’ve taken part in a variety of triathlons…Olympic, half and full Ironman…

Took 2 shots at Ironman Canada….2009 finished the bike portion and bailed, 2010 finished upright and smiling.

I’m now navigating how a retired older guy is supposed to be.

Some days I feel 30ish, some days 63.

I have had a fractured lower left fibula in 1998.

I fractured my occipital bone in 2019.

I own three bikes, my Felt B12

The Cannondale CAAD 8

and my main form of transportation…the good old Marin Bear Valley

and obviously a lawn mower….

I love riding, just don’t currently do it enough…..and still love running and swimming…

It’s been a while since any kid of serious last triathlon, Ironman 2010 in Penticton

my last full marathon…..2015 – Edmonton as a pace bunny..and oddly enough, I don’t have a picture

just this one of the Edmonton half marathon in 2016?

But I have run the SeaWheeze Hal in Vancouver, my last half marathon in 2019

Kind of slow and I show it huh?

My most recent race…the BMO Vancouver 8K this past May

Again I don’t look as happy as you’d think I would…it was actually a fun run……55:54 wasn’t a great time, but enjoyed it…

I am still struggling…I’ve sort of been doing that since 2010 at the Ironman……..just have seemed to have lost my way…

Right now, I do feel good…I have couple of good goals this year….as a 63 year old…..

the main one..a Half Marathon in Victoria

in October…I’ve done it before, I’m pretty sure I can again….I have a few 10Ks before then…..

My main goal, as always…to get myself back to where as I was a 50 year old….so 13 years ago…..

It’s now August 1st……..I turn 64 on January 1st 2023……

I love what I do…I instruct Run Clinics….right now everything is pretty much virtual…but still love that…I don’t know how many clinics I’ve taken on since 2016, but I just divide my life into 10 and 18 week sessions……I like to share, and I have the experience…

I’d like to become certified as something…maybe enough to lead a spin class…..I’m currently working on that..there’s a lot to learn certainly, but why not, I’m retired, I’ve got some free time…

As that, as an instructor, leading run clubs…yes, some personal trainers feel they need to be the best of the best, and maybe their clients expect that….but, well, my best half marathon time was 1:51 about 22 years ago

My best full marathon was I think I’m not a rock star…more mid pack…..but I know what to do, what needs to be done, how to get to wherever anyone needs to go…the best hockey coach wasn’t the best hockey coach right…..

so pretty much have been there and done all that…….am trying to figure out what those shoes are?

So that’s me…all about me……kind of love where I am right now…at 63…but well, 69 days until the Victoria Half Marathon…time to get serious?

Catching my breath….and wheezing…

what the hell?

Not a bad 10K this morning, but at some points I was wheezing like a freight train…

I’ve done the rapid COVID test..and nope, not COVID….I know my allergies are really bad this way, and the run was okay, an average pace of 6:40, when I was running I was okay, but a few times I just had to back off, and then catch up…especially up that hill

I’m posting a lot of these shots from the bottom of this same climb, but it’s such a fun route….next week, we’ll go different… yeah, kicked back to take the pix, and to let the heart rate drop a bit…

Felt fine at the end…and then, well, biked down hill to the RRoom store to sell shoes, and then back up the hill after home…so a good, day…the kind of day I like…

This studying has become a challenge….I’ve got to get this all done by the end of August, so time to put my head down, it’s just all new, lots of stuff, and homework, assignments…and trying to understand what’s expect…..but, well, my spare time has disappeared, and I didn’t have much of that to begin with….

Tomorrow is a bit of a mess…..I should do a spin class at my club and keep getting my name into the groups and learn…but, it’s so summer, and I’ve gotta get the bike outside and hit the roads, and I need to get into the pool for a swim……, yeah, maybe the tri bike will get a work out, and I’ll think about something else later on…it is supposed to start raining again after Wednesday….

So yeah, I do feel strong, and maybe okay, and maybe the more I train, this wheezing will go away…and yeah, may have to make an MD appointment….just to be sure?

Leaving Vancouver thoughts about a future?

This was over way too quickly…..arrived Friday, worked all day Saturday, ran and wondered around what I consider heaven until now…tomorrow, I fly away home…

I guess it’s time to choose a goal, but how about a goal of just keeping myself on track, enjoying life, I want to make this a summer of getting more social, more family stuff, more working around the house, spending time in the neighbourhood…….and to keep on with what’s feeling great…working the store, instructing clinics, and managing the two run clubs….that’s keeping me busy…

I seriously want to get better at what I do…this blog…focus more on stuff rather than just me….

and the clubs, the clinics, more active, more me…so some less me, some more…maybe coaching training, and at the same time training me……longer Sunday runs, more active throughout the week..pick up the pace with more hill repeats, some speed work…..running with my faster friends…..being consistent, and most of all, enjoying life…

‘m following Sarah McLachlan?

Life is pretty good…every day seems to feel good, every day better….

and every day is a chance to get better and better…

a few 10Ks to look forward to, a half marathon in August, and I am registered for a full in October, but?….it’d be nice to get back here as well… let’s see what’s happening in Vancouver at the same time….

57 Days – Recovery?

so a rest day…….this was supposed to be a short run and a spin on the bike trainer day….but

well, a really hard almost 6K in the snow yesterday, and two shots at shoveling snow wore me out. I ‘ve a HUGE training day set for tomorrow, Sunday….so today, working on next wee’ks schedule, and getting myself ready.

I’m still looking after a virtual learn to run clinic, taking care of a two day a week run club, as well as getting ready for a 5K clinic starting next month, and well, I’ve got this BMO Vancouver Half Marathon in May, it seems like a good day to read, write, plan…and yes spin….

Spinning seems to be my outlet for the days I don’t feel like doing much…….like today….so an hour, just turning thru the gears, keeping the heart rate up, building my endurance without high impact……so that felt good….

Spent this morning learning a bit about nutrition, iron, the importance of iron in our diet, especially women’s….and about phytate and phytase in our diets, and what a supplement called Equal Access. It’s a digestive enzyme designed to provide access to the micronutrients otherwise bound in food by the anti-nutrient Phytate.  These micronutrients – zinc, iron, magnesium, and calcium, are all critical to your health, gut health, well-being, and immune system. So I’m in…..I’ve had gut problems most of my life, so this may be an answer…..

Even though I feel a little worn down….I’m still figuring this being 63 out everything I hear or read tells me I’m supposed to be sedentary, watching lots of TV and playing bingo or something…..that ain’t me….

I keep watching this again and again…the Fit Generation...about us seniors…pretty inspirational…also it was all filmed in Vancouver/the west coast….so two reasons to keep watching over and over again….

The truth is, I have no idea what 63 is supposed to be like…how am I supposed to act, what I’m supposed to listen to, relate to……..seriously I seem to have more in common with those way younger then, movies, just basic interests…..I just wish there was more research into this stuff, all I see advice to take it easy, not to work too hard, not to run or train too often……based on what?

So I guess, I’m an experiment of one?

the Vancouver Half Marathon May 1st 2022

That’s the goal?

The last time I was in Vancouver, was for the Lululemon Seaweeze Half, it was August 17th, 2019….2 hours, 43 minutes, 45 seconds….super slow, but one of the best weekends of my life…….come on it’s VANCOUVER!!!!!…yoga in olympic plaza, yoga everywhere……

I know it’s expensive, but, well, it’s Vancouver

So, enough about that……..the goal is set, BMO Vancouver, May 1st, 2022…..I’ve been searching Air B&B and Expedia for accomodations………something close to a Skytrain station, and, well, the water…….

and then there’s the training…..

There are a few issues… health, my head……can I handle 21K with this head?…..

will this concussion ever get any better?

We’ll see………..let the training happen, I have an MD appointment in January……….and will you look at those shoes?

So the blog gets focused..…..

everyday, training and getting healthy………..with the goal of 21K…13 miles on May 1st…, learning and sharing…..

it’ll be over 2 years since my last half marathon

…….and, well, 22 years since this………

so building a road map, and will use this Blog to do that…and possibly this series on YouTube

So it’s Sunday, it’s December 19th, January 1st is (doing the math?) 13 days away (13 runs?)………

I know I’m going to need a lot of help………I have done this, I’ve run on my own before…and I seriously don’t feel strong enough or healthy enough yet to run with anyone..yet, maybe I’ll get there someday…..but for now, running, blowing my nose (where does all this snot come from?) and just training, and well, like Chicago sang, getting stronger everyday…but, well, unfortunately not any young….did I mention that I turn 63 in 13 days?

I’ll post next week’s schedule here…..and well, I’ll set the bouncing ball, bouncing……and see who follows?

my bibles for the next 5 or more months..or at least until I turn 100?