The Warren needs to lose weight project?

could have been worse, and yes I could use a shave and a haircut….

But, don’t know why I ever hesitate going for a run

Today was a good case in point. I kept looking for reasons not to…maybe I’ll go at 6AM, but my kid and wife were up, so I can’t sneak out now?….then I slept in so, I have to have breakfast and coffee….I can’t run at 10AM, I just had my second cup of coffee (so much for me quiting coffee this week) finally I got out the door at 11:30…because ?….I just got pissed off enough at myself….and decided I’d just do 5 and 1 intervals, and if it didn’t feel good, I’d turn around and give up…..I always say that..and a secret, that never happens

I just need to get out that back door…..

I do need to get rid of a bunch of weight. I wanna be 170, I’m now over 180 which is also pissing myself off……I know my cholesterol is high…so I need exercise, I need to watch what I eat and drink…I never, never have done that…I’ve ocassionally tried that, but fuck that, if I wanna Big Mac, I’ve always just eaten a Big Mac…, well, maybe I still will, but there was a time when it was a Quarter Pounder, fries and a coke, supersizes every day…..maybe not so much now?

So the goal, among my so many other goals (a full marathon in 2024 for instance)..I wanna be 170 by January 1st, my gift to myself on my 65th birthday……that’s 49 days away…, can I get rid of about 10 pounds in 49 days – and keep those 10 pounds off –

If I got that haircut, would that help?

There are times in my life where I’ve had really long hair..and a full face of hair…but seriously I’ve always wanted the Geddy Lee look……

My parents were super super strict…alwats, so at the time, when I’d left home and moved to Jasper, than Vancouver, my rebellion was my hair……and weird thought, I wanted to put on weight at that time….I’d never been able to get to 150lbs…soaking wet…now I wanna go back to that…..

Anyway, tonight dispite what my kids say, we’re eating home made Indian Butter Chicken and red lentils….at least I will…..

And tomorrow….a run at 6AM…and we’ll think about that hair!..and RUSH!!!!!…

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