So that’s what being 63 feels like

January 1st, 2022, Hello…… it begins, a new beginning, and starting off with a new challenge, 100 workouts in 100 days.

It should be easy, it doesn’t look like the retired guy is going to be working a lot, also with me adding cross-training into the mix, swimming, spinning, and hopefully cross country skiing, but one day at a time.

Today, OMG my birthday! the run felt good…..a bit of an adventure; originally with no real goal or distance in mind, just to get outside and move…….it was nice not having to wear everything I own to keep warm……

Running provides time to think, plan, look back and look ahead.

I’ve got my goals set for 2022, I know how to plan and prepare……

Unlike previous years, I have few things I want to pay attention….I have 6 days of training, 1 day of rest/recovery…..I’ve got my speed/intence day set for Thursdays, the distance runs for Sundays or Mondays, whichever works better…….the rest will be some running, biking, and swimming, cross training.

I do want to focus on yoga, strength training, and making use of my foam roller a lot more…

I also wanna have fun, so making my life more social will be important……more things with more people, re-connect, and find more to train with….be more visible……I still seem to be struggling with my strength, and consistancy, but will work on both as well.

Today was day 1…..the pace, even with a few walk breaks was okay…….so, looking forward to day 2


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