An Okay Day

Okay, way too much grey hair….or is it gray hair?

A good morning run though…after the week from hell, and a back that had me thinking that it was time for a truss and lots of drugs, a 10K this morning was fine….I wish I’d been a little quicker..but done, and feel good about it….

It’s a day/morning when you’re glade to be alive. a group of friends, a beautiful morning….a quiet run with a good group of people, living well is the best reward.

and OMG, we had six run with us and our Run Club this morning……5 of them, really, really quick….

I’m looking forward to a good week……I’m not working a lot, I’ve 5 days pretty much to do as I want….so will make use of that……tomorrow’s plan is bike and swim, making dinner and learning all about the planes of motion, joints and things like abduction and adduction.

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