I Ran today. Is it Tuesday?

Oh God I’m looking old…….seriously, how does that happen?

I did have a great run though….it felt just right. which is weird because the day did not begin that way.

I had a bunch of plans when I went to bed, woke up, not really in the best mood.

Then I could not decide where or when I wanted to go, what distance, what direction…..and well, finally I figured, a new vehicle, it’s warm enough to start wearing shorts all the time….

As usual, the Kinsmen Sport Centre, the Edmonton River Valley…the original plan was, why not an easy 5K loop…and instead of the usual heading east, let’s go west this morning..

An off road path I hadn’t been on for a while, I had a bit of an issue getting my ass on track, but it felt good the further I went..

Picked up a pretty nice climb, through the better part of the city, and at one point figured, why not 10K

so cross a bridge, actually a couple of them, down a hill, up another one, and an hour later….10K

I know, driving somewhere just to run to some may seem stupid, but it works for me……it’d be a waste to drive all that way and not run..

Looking after a variety of groups and clinics, new runners, I keep getting ask about a lack of motivation….how to get inspired, so I keep looking for something….

For me a lot of the time, it’s just getting out of the house…..that first step….there’s that line, adventure of just out that front door..

The best part today’s run…..at least parts of it were new to me……a different direction, that always inspires….

bring on tomorrow….


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