I need a support team….205 to 65

Yesterday was a good day….but too rare…I’m missing too many days. I’ll take a 3 day break and then I do a stupid 12K……thinking that makes up for the 3 days of watching TV, and using house and yard work as an excuse to not train.

I don’t know why the hiccup happens. I’ll have a steady and great 5 days, and then, well, something happens….I find lots of excuses.

I know I’ve gotta see my MD. There are a few issues, and I’m not sure actually what they are…I keep saying allergies, then it was all the smoke from forest fires in the air, then the heat……I just feel tired and worn out too often…I usually feel better after a ride or a run or a swim, but even then….yesterday’s run was good, my pace was okay, and it was 12K, that’s good….but I had to break it up into intervals, 10 and 1s…and I was a little distracted.

I ran along our river valley, a few days ago a 14 year old boy was swept away by that North Saskatchewan River and hasn’t been seen yet….so yep, I kept my eyes on that river…the current in that river is deceptive, it’s wide, it’s shallow hear the shore, but it can get deep, and it’s spring so a lot of things flowing in it…why someone wouldn’t be aware of that before swimming in it….at some point I’m guessing he will be found, but until then, you always want to look and see….

I noticed breathing being an issue on my bike last week…a ride that was a bit hard, but at one point I did feel light headed and busy trying to catch my breath….my heart rate didn’t skyrocket….but what’s causing that?

The next few weeks will be a all about me…dentist, eyes checked, and yes a doctor’s visit…I keep thinking running more, training more, exercising more will help….deeper breaths…..but maybe not..

I never like asking others for help, but well, I need to, or should…..

I want to run that half marathon at the end of August…will my health let me do that…and then a full at the end of October……..sae question…can I fix myself.

It’s weird too, I know this sounds gross, but I seem to have a lot of snot in me…phlegm? So, yeah, need to check all of that out….I keep wondering if I caught something while my dad was in the hospital?

This video, Mind over Marathon keeps inspiring me…yes, even though I’m sitting on the couch watching it..

Do I suffer from depression? I think I do……I have a lot of lows, and to be honest, never really happy…I can’t remember being happy for a significant amount of time…so perhaps….so maybe aiming at a marathon again (it’s been 8 years..I used to do one a year) will help with that.

Tonight’s Run Club night……hope we have a huge group. I need that, and always look forward to that…..to run…

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