So there was a coat rack

Yep…….Amazon gave me something to do yesterday…put together a coat rack! Yay me?

Well, that wasn’t all my Saturday duties…I was back to being the race event guy and my buddy Gabby…made our way down to our Emily Murphy Park

to help out a run called the Run without Borders, raising funds and awareness for Doctors without Borders….

I didn’t run this seems as I get closer to my Run LoSeCa Run the more I’m spending on this thing, and getting Race Day organized…..I have no idea what it takes to put on a major event like the NYC Marathon or this weekend’s TCS Marathon in Toronto with 20, 000 runners…..but my race so far, 83 participants…and so far 14 volunteers, so getting close to where I want to be…

I seem t be making a lot of lists…that stuff to get done before race day October 29th……I want it all done before Race Package Pick Up Day on October 27th….and I’m almost there..gotta pick up the groceries for race morning…

I still struggling with that…yes, lots of water, water bottles, (on that list, oh ya I need cups!)……bananas, granola bars, chips……do I do coffee?…..It’d be great if I could, but that would take more volunteers, more work….maybe in 2024? This year, the first year, is to keep it simple stupid…

Someone said to use chalk to mark where I want the volunteers, an idea….I’ll call that on race day morning…cause, well, whe will winter arrive?

Beside all that, today, pretty much since this morning I’ve been watching the TCS Toronto, the live feed on YouTube…a lot of people that were/are in my current half/full marathon clinic…I spent the morning tracking those running the full and half marathons, and they all ran really well, some amazing times… I’m just watching the final finishers…because this is what I do..

Today, a sunny Sunday in St. Albert…….14 days?…OMG 14 days….the race will get done, and it’ll be time to aim at 2024?


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