I Ran. I lived?

I guess the beavers wanted us to go that way?

Today was a bit lazy, lots of time on this thing…tracking down possible volunteers….I’ve got 11, could really use another 7…..kind of a challenge, I know I’m not the only race organizer facing this issue…ever since COVID volunteers are few and far in-between….I don’t know if runners just don’t understand the deal is to give back?……Without volunteers races and fun runs just don’t happen.

I managed to get out for a short almost 7K run…it felt good. Ran the fun run course plus a little bit more…..made a pit stop at my former place of employement, my local Running Room…..but the weather was perfect, not too cold, just cool……

and then I did an add on

Felt good after…..

Then this evening just picked up all the equipment I needed for tomorrow’s race….working a fund raiser fun run for Doctor’s without Borders…..a good cause, 86 runners booked…..timely..

It’s going to be cold, but, well..I get paid, I have some fun with a co-worker named Gabby…..

And just hooking up and visiting the stotre, hanging out for a bit, then doing something, everything, anything always feels good..just getting out, sometimes just saying hi, hello, waving at a fellow runner, random runners…some say hello back, some are just so focused….but we’re all on the same team.

I’m feeling a little edgy, thinking I need to do more……run more, socialize more, connect more…so yeah, I guess that’s telling me I’m on the right path..


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