Feeling okay, feeling lost, feeling BUSY!

5 more day to D-Day……Run LoSeCa Run…

Yeah I know, I know readers must be tired of hearing about my first forey into being a Race Director…but well, I’m going to keep this up until Sunday…

and then, well, the 2nd Annual Run LoSeCa Run will be my focus, Sunday September 8th 2024….

LoSeCa…Love Service Care…..have been a part of my family’s life for a few years…

Two of my adult children are autistic, my daughter need help 24/7…they’ve provided the help…

So this a part of me paying back….I guess; raising donations, fundraising….

I decided to do this back at the end of July..partly because, why not? Which is the way I do a lot of things, I just fall into them..

Right now…this is all about the final prep…..104 runners and walkers signed up to run either 5K or 10K and a kids run………I’ve I think 22 volunteers..they keep stepping up….

What does 120 bananas look like?

So yeah, this being my first year, I’m trying to use everything I’ve seen at races and runs that I’ve been a part of to try and do things better, or at least right…and it’s going to be cold, so am thinking water bottles, just water bottles won’t be enough….

The route is all set up, almost…there’s some construction along my original route, supposed to be done by Friday, but, well, I’m not holding out much hope….

The tough part?

Not training this week…the stress, the time commitment, I just said, no running until after the run….

Which seems ironic, but my heads just into so many things, something has to take a back seat..

And we have Gators…this should be an interesting race…a local tri training group/team has many members signed up, hopefully they’ll inspire me to get back into training…

And looking through the list of competitors, those that I know, there are some speedsters in the group…but also every other pace, and some walkers…..

Tomorrow, the goal is to take a day off…..I actually wonder what this works out to, per hour…because since that day in August, it’s all I’ve thought of 24/7….

I will have to see how that goes, and think about that day after.

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