A Chill Day…Triumph in the fog

One of the joys of the days of working with film, you only had so many shots to get it right, and a lot of the time working with what lighting you’ve got and just hoping for the best….

Canadian band Triumph…again, must bethe late 70s……..and the fog machines were working overtime…

I’m a fan of the power tri, I like a lot at the time thought they were like Rush – lite….but really, more like a Canadian Van Halen with a hell of a guitar machine, that knew what they were…loud and proud, their shoes from the start were loud and active…lots of lights, light shows that bands of their stature just didn’t do…they played high school concerts, a cover band that came out like a headliner….

Then they got signed, started touring, headlining some of the biggest festivals, along with Van Halen, in North America. They were a bigger draw at one time in Texas then they were in Canada….

Singer, guitar god Rik Emmett, blonde, attracting female fans like the best of the best alays did, also became an amazing song writter..you want hooks, he had hooks….anthems, love ballads…..

Funny thing, or more interesting, he’s able to mimic other players, like Eddie Van, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, whomever…..note perfectly….and still does.

The band recently staged a reunion, and drew fans across and all over this continent. Triumph fans are almost like the Deadheads that followed the Grateful Dead….dedicated, and still follow where ever this band travels..

The story behind the photos…….I was living in Jasper at the time..in the Rockies….for a gig hound like me was perfect..Edmonton, Calgary, Kamloops, Vancouver were all an easy 3 or 6 hour drive away…..so I’d check newspapers (no internet back then) and would chow down on the concert listings and plan my life around who was where and what I wanted to see…..

At one point, I moved back to Edmonton for a summer, and made the decision to see anyone, no matter who, whether I’d heard of them or not, and just go an expore….crazy right….but what freedom…I’ll talk more about in blogs to come, but I’d see a poster on a light post, and immediately go and buy a ticket, or usually for my long suffering girlfriend and myself at the time…..and concerts were cheap……

Sure didn’t have a lot of money, pay was good not great, but a concert ticket wasn’t much more expensive than a copy of a record album…$10

These were for some of the biggest bands in the land………say, Fleetwood Mac at the height of their popularity, the Rumours tour….$10!…take that Taylor Swift!

Okay, so back to work…today is all about untangling and getting those Christmas lights up on the house and into the trees…..

Washing windows, washing and vacuuming the car and getting that ready for winter….and OMG!…Sunday, the day we all fall back, turning the clocks all back to Standard time……

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  1. I’ve heard of bands back in the day fighting to make sure their tickets were affordable and musicians these days charge hundreds. It’s disappointing.

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