It’s gotta be fun

No matter what? My M.O. is pretty much all about one thing, I’m all about one thing….I don’t do anything unless fun is part of the equation.

Last night’s run was a part of that…..making up the route for a group of people yesterday evening as we went always amazes me whenever that happens……today’s run….partly forced myself to get my ass out the door for a run, whatever happened, and had another fun run…

It was kind of cool, started out with one route, part was familiar, then improvised…used a path I don’t normally use….popped out and the rest was the usual…..and yeah, forgot to press start on my watch..and found ICE!

Also I found a name. In a various locations along the trails and paths in St Albert, there are these benches

names added to them in remberance of someone special…..I and sometimes with my kids when they were younger, we’d try and remember the names, write them down, or take a picture of the plaques….this one…someone’s mom, wife, a local entrepreneur who owned a flower shop….others I’ve noted have been of other runners I didn’t know, but had crossed paths with…I remembered the faces, but didn’t know the names…some were doctors, teachers, and yes, other runners…..

Today, my second run after this was done

my first race as race orgaizer ever…..all done, now I can relax and run…..

the pix are starting to trickle in, and yeah, I, the race instructor, did get caught on camera a few times

Today, I also continued the dig through older photos…

I took this years ago at the Regina Folk Festival…..this is two of the members of Edmonton’s , I can’t remember the name of their band, Jen Kraatz (she’s the one not in the picture) Wendy McNeil, and Luann Kowalek…..three of my fave songwriters…the trip was worth it…also I’d never been to that part of Canada before, so I guess it was so worth it……….

I’ll post an old interview I have with them that I wrote about the same time……but yeah, worth listening too……

Lately I’ve been digging through a lot of tunes on YouTube, I love this Playing for Change version of Love Train….seems timely

and yes, Guns and Roses drummer Chad Smith


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